🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 33 🦊

Hello! Happy Hump Day!!  Enjoy the new chapter ^_^ If you haven’t seen already, we got a patreon, and you can get some cool collectibles! I sent out the first batch earlier this week, so there’s only a couple left.

On another note, since ya’ll like my family already and I love ya’ll, I was thinking if we wanted to create a fan base name?? Biebers got his beliebers, Benedict has his cumberb***ches… what are we?? Pet heads? Trainers??? Mo Xietters (LOL)?? HMU with some suggestions, so we can establish our own family/clan name! 😀

Translating Song of the Day: Pursuit of Happiness – Steve Aoki Remix

Drink of the week: Tokyo Tea!


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7 thoughts on “🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 33 🦊” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey ! Why not SOULéMONERS… Plagiat, Copyright ? Whaaa seriously ?! xD

    SOULéMONER Ekdahl send a Laughing Shadow…
    Laughing Shadow – Spirit Race – Darkness Spirit Subspecies – High Warrior Rank – Fifth Phase Sixth Grade.

    Anyways, THANK YOU for your work on this novel, I love it =)

    Drink of the Week : as always Expresso <3

  2. How about the “soul-pacts”?
    Indeed it is a name of a technique in the novel, but i think it is kinda cool for us to make a pact too lol…
    Or maybe in latin: ” anima pactum”

  3. EvilDevil’s followers…. EvilDevil’s minions….
    EvilDevils’ soul pets…. they all sound good to me~

    Thank you!!!
    I’ll pray to God that you find good songs…Didn’t like this one~

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