🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 22 🦊

Wow.. yesterday was a doozy! Thanks to everyone who participated, and grats to the winners!! I loved reading everyone’s fav movies, from classics to throwbacks to movies that came out this week. Little did you know, this is my secret plan. Now I have a bunch of movie recommendations and I’m gonna watch movies instead of translate 😉 muahahhaahah!!! jk. S/O to all my readers, and lets enjoy this chapter! It’s a long one 😀


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  1. Just started reading the charm of soul pets yesterday and I have to thank you for translating this. I am realy enjoying realistic wuxia pokemon. Keep up the good luck. This is a little late but princess bride or any of the newer marvel mivies are some of my favorite. Good luck

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