🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 12 + Important Announcement! 🦊

Hello everyone! Here’s the regular chapter for the day, with the sponsored chapter on its way :D. We’ve been getting a lot of comments about making a patreon, and I’m proud to say we finally have one up!

Now, one of the biggest things that we’ve been dreaming of is recreating the CoSP world. I want to see cute pictures of MoXie, funny scenes of the ice fairy failing, and the cyan bug doing work! As a result, we created this page to 1. Of course, to help support us, but more importantly 2. Recreate and see the world of Soul Pets with you guys!  You can get Chibi Packs, fight scenes, and maybe some awesome landscapes (we’re still looking for artists).  OR, cash in on some cool Chong Mei collectibles (use them as a necklace, a charm, a backpack decoration…) and get some cool desktop dragons (ofc, if you wanna read ahead, we got that too :P)!

We are really trying to think of some ways to give back to a community that we love so much! It may not be much, but enjoy the commissioned pictures, prizes, collectibles at our patreon!

Cheers to a happy era of translating!

P.S. Chapter link is in the bottom right corner, and patreon is in the sidebar!

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  1. No no no no no no. Please put a space between Mo Xie. I just read it as moxie and I was like, “God dang it sounds weird.” Lol.
    Anyways, thanks for the chapter!

    1. would you believe me if I told you someone came in and totally deleted that space??? It couldn’t have possibly been me making a mistake…… 🙂

      1. yeah the stuff are pretty cool and its nice knowing that you arent going to be tied down by your patreon(I HOPE). I mean i’ve seen too many things go unfinished because of unrealistic patreon goals that are never met

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