🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 105 🦊

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your support thus far! Sorry i’ve been so off with the announcement posts lately, etc. After a personal record of I think posting for 370+ days straight, I might have to break it. I’m fine right now, but for some personal and family reasons, I may have to travel over the next couple of weeks, leaving me almost no time to translate. However, I do want to keep translating (should help me relax a bit), so I think I can post 2 chapters a week probably. If someone can help me do the reddit posts whenever you see it up, that’d be amazing 🙂 Sorry to everyone, and thank you for understanding! Much love ya’ll- Go tell your fam you love em!

On a more upbeat note: !!!!!!?!!?!?!? Drop some comments in this chapter I thought it was f***cking epic.

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Translating Song of the day: Maybe- Yiruma

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  1. I’ve put TCOSP for now on hold and switched to Ancient Strengthening Technique. I’ll let TCOSP to accumulate at least ~20 chapters or so before continuing.

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