🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 102 🦊

Hello everyone! Special announcement here… we’ve decided to open up a commissioned artwork page for CoSP on WuxiaWorld!! We wanted to thank ALL our readers!! That’s why, we want to move all comissioned artwork that we are currently paying for to be viewed for free by everyone :D. As for why its taken so long…. lemme just say its not as easy to get good artwork as you’d might think (especially for someone who doesn’t read the novel!) So after like 20 artists and $$$ later…. I think I finally found one I like. So debuting her masterpiece of Mo Xie…. check it out below. And check out some past artwork here, where all the other artwork will be :D. Thanks for everyone’s long term support, and enjoy the chapter!



hahaha if you read this far and were smart enough to highlight this….. secret contest! Comment below your favorite tv show, and I’ma pick three winners to get free access to the CoSP drive) this is a celebration of reaching 200!!!) woohoo. I wonder if anyone will take the time to read all that AND highlight this….



Translating Song of the day: I’ll be there for you – friends (tv show)!

Drink of the week: Tequila Sunrise!

P.S. As always, the read chapter button is in the bottom right! Interested in seeing what some soul pets look like? Or maybe you want to snag a cool chong mei collectible, or a cyan dragon! Or maybeee you want to read just a litttleee ahead! Either way, hit up that patreon if you’re interested 🙂

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  1. Favorite show? I quite enjoyed True Blood because it was a nice mix of tacky and interesting at the same time. …. the later seasons really dropped the ball though…..

    Also I think you meant to put the contest in a different color since you don’t need to highlight it right now xD

      1. First season was definately the best in terms of how well they pulled it off, season 2 ramped up the blood/gore, season 3 brought back one of the more amusing male leads to keep the series interesting.

        I’d say 4 onwards is where there’s nothing worth watching both plotwise and execution wise, I think the novels they were based on also started running out of ideas so…. that got translated to the tv series as well. 😛

  2. Favourite TV Show is House MD, followed by The Newsroom. Plus you gotta love Mo Xie.
    Wuwuwuwuuu (I really hope that is Fox for I love Mo Xie). I’m sorry if it is not? 😛

      1. Haha, House is like Sherlock Revamped. I did think about Sherlock as my favourite but in the end, the revamped version had far too little content. The last episode of Sherlock was amazing though. Probably the best thought out stories in a long time.

        The Newsroom… How do I put this? It kinda grows on you

      1. Can you imagine Ash going full Chu Mu style and using Pikachu to electrocute and torture other people. So many childhoods would be ruined…

      1. early 2000s late 90s science fiction show about a man who flies into a worm hole and end up in a different galaxy and tries to find his way home, it was a very good watch for me with a great mix of action, romance, and drama.

  3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my favourite tv show. It’s even become a background noise that I can fall asleep to, like how some people can fall asleep easier if they have a fan on. Maybe I like it too much…

    A very close second is The Mighty Boosh. One of the best surreal comedies ever made imo. Very campy and charming too, and just like It’s always sunny, it’s incredibly quotable which makes it a fun show to watch with friends.

    Also, love that you’re going so far as to even have artwork commissioned, so thanks, it’s fun to see how your imagination lines up with others like that.

      1. It’s always sunny in Philidelphia or The mighty boosh?

        For It’s always sunny… Hmm… I’d have to say it’s the episode where the main characters are visiting a store when it suddenly gets robbed. They all start imagining fantasies of how they would deal with the situation, one of them fantasising that he uses his terrible martial arts to save the day and defeat the robbers yakuza back up… Except, one character, Frank, a fat old man (played by the great Danny Devito), just fantasizes himself stealing a crap load of hot dogs while the robbery goes on around him and eventually escalates to his friends being shot etc. and he just chills there, happily eating free hotdogs and not paying attention…

        The Mighty Boosh… Probably The crack fox episode. A country-side fox moves to London after reading about it in a magazine and get’s addicted to the party lifestyle, before spiralling out of control and becoming homeless and kinda deranged. Only for him to eventually begin living in the garbage outside of the main characters home, where he tricks the main characters in order to steal a magic shaman potion from the main characters boss, Naboo. It sounds stupid but it’s genuinely hilarious, especially his appearance, like his “sloshy galoshes”… A pair of condoms he uses for shoes… But yeah, his introducing scene in the episode is a work of art, I reccomend checking it out on youtube, I kinda don’t want to spoil it by describing all of it’s gloriousness.

        wall of text!

  4. Favorite tv show? Ultimately a hard choice, but among the most memorable, and therefore, favorite… I would have to go with Strongest Chil Woo (also known as Chilwu the Mighty).

  5. My favorite TV show would be *drum roll please* FRIENDS! I know it’s been mentioned above but this is just an all time classic. 10 seasons? No problem, watched it 5 times already lol Other than that, Archie and Stranger Things (not TV shows but 2 Netflix TV Series) are my most recent obsessions.

    Congrats on the milestone moonfox and team! Y’all are awesome!

  6. My favourite tv show, uh? Uhm… I used to like a lot of tv shows, but their quality ended up decreasing by a large margin as they kept going. Right now, the only one I still haven’t given up on is “Game of Thrones”.

    As for animated ones, being a Star Wars fan I’ll have to go with “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. Loved that show! “Darker than black” is another one I remember for how original it felt (first season only though).

  7. The only TV show that comes to mind that I actually enjoyed recently (though I didn’t watch much) Was “The Flash” (2014)

    I stick mostly to ACG, and Novels, of course.

  8. If anime is ok i’ll say “Psycho-Pass” but there’s a lot of other hard to pick one xD
    If not, i liked “The Expanse” lately can’t wait the next season xD

    Thanks for the Art and congrats =)

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