🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 1 🦊

Well, I decided to stay up late and bust out this chapter for everyone. IT’S THE BIG REVEAL OF THE BUG!!! This chapter also pretty much counted as 2 chapters, its fairly long. So Enjoy! 😀


P.S. Apparently most people are used to the chapter link being in the announcement post? It’s there, just look bottom right corner, button says read chapter!

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      1. This chapters realy so good . That little thing actually a some type of dragon ! I hope that huge beast dont try to attack our little dragon 🙁

      1. Apparently I’m too much of a nerd. I had this argument with a friend. Her first thought was that song, my first thought was the “work work” noise from Warcraft…

        Either way, thank you for all the chapters!

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