🗡RT Chapter 82🗡

Hello, everyone! This is the fifth release of the week. Thank you to Tero N. for sponsoring this chapter. I actually didn’t translate this chapter since I didn’t have the time, so I asked Etvolare to cover me. Please give her a big thanks for taking time out of her own series to do this. Aside from this, I’m wondering if you guys will be able to tell the difference between how we translate? I’m really curious to find out, and I’m sure she is too. Please write it down in the comments if you do notice differences!

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  1. the difference at translating names, when you introduce new name you usually use chinese name follow by english name like: Su Yan (White Smoke)

    PS: First comment on wuxiaworld, just to say thank you for translating this awesome novel.

  2. My only issue with this is I waited like 2 hour before I realized it was under uncategorized not RT. Also no funny gif or cool pictures in the spoilers.

    I appreciate the work that was done. Keep it up

  3. The last two chapters were posted in the same day so yea that means the 3 reg plus 2 sponsored chapters are going to be spread out allot more over the week.

    And thank you for your work, RT has jumped to my number two slot on WW, pushing DE out of my top 3 heh.

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