🗡RT Chapter 77🗡

Hello, everyone! This is the sixth and last release of the week. Thank you to Alajdin R. and Anthony N. for sponsoring this chapter!

Also slight correction from last chapter’s post: I accidently put the wrong name for the sponsor of last chapters and have since corrected it. However, since the sponsor would like to remain anonymous, I’ll respect their wishes. Thank you Antonymous for sponsoring the last chapter!

4 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 77🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. ty
    mind if i ask how many chapters are there? and also the time-span of the story? i mean i remember you saying that its actually over so i was wondering about the book’s pace

  2. Hey, I really appreciate your work and i’ll be sure to let a recommandation on novelupdates.
    Can you tell if the number of words per chapter goes up again later? It felt really low on average the last 10 or so.

    1. Not sure, but I do agree that the WPM has been going down lately. But it’s on a rise again, the last 3 chapters have been larger than the past few by 300-400 words or so.

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