6 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 287🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hi, Littleshanks, I’m a fan of your work 😆 but dude your work ethic sucks. 😕 I think you’re not accepting donation right now 😖 but you know you should. 😯 I think you need to hire or ask someone to help you translate this light novel. 😞 Don’t be a prideful S.O.B. 😲 This is not all about you so don’t make it like one. 👌 You should ask for help. 😐 Let us help you. 😢 Stop powertripping dude it doesn’t look good on you. 🙄 If you continue making excuses, 😴 at least do the right thing and bow out 😱 and make a graceful exist. 👣

    1. I think, that as a person following shanks works, you should know that shanks did accept donations up to some point, and that he did ask for help. As most of us know, that didn’t work out for him. He stopped accepting donations, BECAUSE job ethic is better thank you could ask for. He noticed that he cant catch up to donation rate and give us what he owed. Please stop whining and follow shanks and respect shanks like you are claiming to TRUTHFULLY.

    2. There used to be someone helping him for some time, but it didn’t work.
      So please just shut up, you ignorant S.O.B (idk what this means though).
      You know nothing about everything.

  2. ^ ignore that psychopath (who uses that many emojis if they aren’t either making a joke, mocking someone who uses that many emojis, or insane? maybe I’m wrong but…)
    I’ve never noticed a problem with your work ethic
    You can be the sole translator on a project if that’s what you want to do
    You can take a break when you get sick
    If you don’t want donations and the added responsibility of fulfilling the wishes of people that make donations then you don’t need to accept donations
    The chapter rate is fine

    And thank you

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