🗡RT Chapter 254🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the first release of the week.

Glossary: https://goo.gl/sMk7rL


I’ve disabled the sponsor bar, so Patrons won’t be charged for the month of Septemeber, and anyone who tries to donate my Paypal will be refunded.  After the queue is cleared, I’m probably going to phase it out entirely in favour of the Patreon goal system for more constant, regular releases. At least like this, you won’t have sporadic releases where I release a bunch from doing sponsored chapters from one week, then barely release at all in others.

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  1. Sounds great, can’t wait until there’s over 2,000$ per month so we can start steam rolling chappies. TYVM for translating this series. Just started it a day or so ago.

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