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  1. Hey thnx for the chapter ^^,I give my appreciaton to all of your efforts, Fort and Shanks! I think i said this before but, “Great Thief”is also a master title that comes in the novel, pretty sure its the master title for being a battle thief, while tempest thief focus on speed hence “Shadow Dancer”. Anyways, I just remember reading Great Thief *countless* times, ur opinions? And also, i am very sure, tho maybe wrong, that “Treasure Hunter” is not a class title, but rather a title for an achievement, as only one player was given this title, and they *happened* to use their thief skills to reach it, but in the end its just who can put the most effort to go looting/gathering/exploring for the best items?

    1. Again, they dont necessarily dont have to be bind by class to get it, tho only one player ever got it… while Shadow Dancer was more common for Tempest Thieves, tho rare, but atleast 6 plyrs got the title right? And im sure Great Thief is also the same for Battle Thieves. Anyhow, these are my thoughts, and its seemed out of place, forgive me if i was rude, my apologies…And thank you for the chapters! ^_^ I can postpone any chapter of any novel aside from Rt and Wmw, i know there are others i should pay attention to, but these two, i just cant postpone, srsly Rt is too good to delay, thank you!!!!!!!

    2. So Great Thief is below Shadow Dancer, since Nie Yan used to be a Great Thief in the previous timeline but couldn’t advance into a Shadow Dancer. Also, thanks for the support. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series.

      1. I see thanx! Well i replied to my own comment later on, but it seems to be still going under moderation like my first comment,im confused why does this happen, my comments always appear late.. ah well, hope u check in on it later~ I wrote some other stuff also.. Anyways i appreciate all ur efforts! ^^ Btw Im canadian and live in Ontario, where do u live? sorry for the rude question, i got kinda excited after learning this lol Just dont mind that question if its personal xD i tend to be very rude, my apologies..

    3. I don’t know why you think “Great Thief” is a Battle Thief title. In the previous timeline Nie Yan obtained the title of “Great Thief” and was only a step away from Shadow Dancer. It is also of note that in the previous timeline Nie Yan was a Tempest Thief, the same class he is in this timeline; his reason being that if he chose a different class and starting region, then all the previous timelines knowledge would become useless.

      In a later chapter (I forget which one) it is stated that a Magister doesn’t fear a Great Thief, in fact they look down upon them. But, a Magister fears a Shadow Dancer for the reason being that they are able to kill anyone on the battle field regardless of how much protection a Magister has. So if Great Thief is a Master Class title then wouldn’t that be rather dumb considering that a Battle thief is explicitly more combat focused?

      As for ‘Treasure Hunter’, the master class titles are exactly the same; achievements for a high level of ability. A Shadow Dancer is a thief who is unparalleled in thief oriented combat; being able to get in and get out of heavily guarded areas. As for Treasure Hunter, it’s essentially the same with the exception being that the buffs provided by the title are not oriented towards combat; but rather as the title implies, sneaking in and discovering or stealing treasure. Master Class titles are not limited to simply combat, or else why would there be Grand Alchemists, or Legendary Blacksmiths?

      I’m the guy who is keeping the glossary up to date, so if you want to debate some stuff in the glossary then please come on over to the RT discord and hit me up 🙂 (Discord invite: https://discord.gg/EwUzYaT)

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