🗡RT Chapter 240–241🗡

Hey guys, here’s your third and fourth release of the week.

Translator: LittleShanks, FortColors

Again, I’m very sorry for the delays. Probably no fifth release for this week. Fort is busy writing his college application essays, which was why he’s been failing to meet his 2 regular releases for the week. On another note, I’ll be gone on the week of August 7th to 13th. You’ll still get your regular chapters, but probably no sponsored ones.

For those of you who donated, I apologize for not clearing the queue this week. It was bad of me to get your hopes up by saying I’ll do my best to clear it, and failing to clear any of it.  In short, I’m aware I have to clear it. I won’t say anymore, since actions speak louder than words. So let’s see what happens in the coming week before I disappear.

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  1. Just a heads up, the links are going to the wrong place ^^; just go back to chapter 239 and press next chapter from there. Cheers and thank you for the translations despite your busy schedule.

  2. Both of you, Thank You ^_^

    @FortColors Good luck on the essays.

    @LittleShanks Thank you for the post, and take it easy.

    Again Thank You ^_^

  3. @FortColors hope u do great on that essay

    Shanks thx for the chapters ^~^
    btw, just an idea, but it would be nice if u had some way to tell us if something happened to any of u both, this way no one would get stressed when we dont receive more chapters
    PS: dont get me wrong, this is something u do for free for us readers ( except the sponsored ones which are the minority), and I couldnt be more gratefull for it ^~

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