🗡RT Chapter 238🗡

Hello, everyone! Here’s your first release of the week! I hope you enjoy! 239 incoming soon.

Sorry for the delays. Modem fried on Monday that made me internet-less for a day, then this stuff blew up tuesday/wednesday with RT being copy pasted to Qidian’s site even though it’s not part of the licensed 20. I’ll do my best to do as many sponsored chapters as I can this week and clear the queue. Hopefully nothing else happens.

Translator: FortColors, LittleShanks

8 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 238🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Did they removed it from their website? I just could not find it..dont get me wrong I love reading in wuxia and most definitely will not change this habit of mine. Nonetheless, as a real curious person I wanted to see it with my eyes…
    So it all goes back to the question, have they already removed it, or am I just looking it the wrong way?

    Well, apart from that, thank you Shanks Fort for the awesome job as always. Hope u guys know that we fans wont be leaving this site just because another jackass decided to copy paste your hard work. I myself used to be a translator, english-portuguese, and we had the same problem there, even a bigger problem as the site that did this, was doing it to another 6-8 scans websites u.u
    Really looking foward to the next chapter
    Love u guys ^~^

  2. the answer to all the qidian problems can be solved very easily , they want to use underhanded means then just do the same, have someone put a slow dos attack on Qidian servers to keep them down until they decided to behave like adults and negotiate

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