11 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 204🗡+ Glossary” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Love it.
    Glossary has already been helpful to me as there are a lot of characters that the author (rightly and thankfully) doesn’t reintroduce every time we see them.

    I’d like some more stuff on like the equip side of things, or even maybe links to the stat screen for Nie every time it pops up? It’d be nice to track growth or understand a bit more the current stats without going through it all, but maybe it’d be better to just read through the whole thing again?

    Also we are missing one of the three chapters of light (I think they are called?) descriptions. We have 2 but protag has 3. (I’m pretty sure…?)
    Again all the skills from equipment are really helpful to see all sorted out like this. What’s shadow step from again? Oh yeah those boots.

    If we get too much equipment in the glossary a sorting system might be helpful.
    Same with those characters. (Chronologically is more or less used now, but maybe alphabetically or by guild could be helpful? For equipment, it could be organized by sets and set changes. This is what he’s wearing at chap 100 type deal)

    1. The big problem is that his stats are often unclear, and the numbers tend to be vague. For example, during the foray to Everlasting City, he leveled up like 8 times or something, but the stat growth wasn’t really mentioned. People are taking hundreds of damage and surviving now, but not once have we had any indication as to the size of people’s hp growth per level. We can only assume that it grows a LOT because of the fact that an elementalist just tanked over 300 damage.

      Also characters are sorted by type (NPC, player, irl) then alphabetically. Within each character’s entry, however, everything is indeed chronological.

      1. Ah I must have missed the alphabetic part on the characters then.

        How many times do you think he actually shows the stats on that big page though? if more than 3 I would think that could be a good indicator of rough character stat growth by level?

      2. Ah, and I saw the sorting by real or not, but maybe that could be taken a stepfurther with subgroups like “Guildleaders” or “Asskicker members”

  2. Hi! I’ve been following this novel and it’s super entertaining, great work. To all this, I haven’t seen this novel in spanish and I would like to translate it, would you let me use your work as basis?
    C ya.

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