🗡RT Chapter 197🗡

Hello, everyone! Here’s your first release of the week! I hope you enjoy!

I’m really sorry for the late release. I got food poisoning from eating undercooked chicken. You’ll still get your regular chapters for the week. Actually, I’m hoping to get 200 done by Sunday, regardless of the sponsors, then comes the awaited announcement.

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  1. ouch man, food poisoning sucks, and dont give bad advice StarShadow, sometimes eating bad stuff is good too, hes a translator not a cultivator monk, let him have some happyness in life

    anyway, get better Shanks, and good luck translating all the way to 200 =D

  2. Remember to Cook chicken properly… beware of avian flu… if the chicken cook properly the virus will also die.

    Btw hope you get well soon.

  3. It wasn’t the under cooked chicken but it had some kind of bacteria. It’s been proven that under cooked pork and chicken won’t harm people unless there’s bacteria. I’ve had plenty of chicken and pork that were pink on the inside and never got sick from them.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! Good to hear you’re feeling better now. I hope the “regardless of the sponsors, then comes the awaited announcement.” is a good one. TT__TT

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