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I’ve been thinking of changing the term “elite team” to “main team.” It only makes sense, considering the other teams are called auxiliary teams. It’ll also prevent confusion when people get referred as an elite of the guild. Are they actually part of the elite team, or are they just top players in the guild? Which do you guys prefer?

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  1. I easily prefer “main” over “elite” cause it can be taken or mean differently in context as u said. But i dont like the word main feels awkward to the tongue and too plain. How about something like “Primary”, “Chief”, “Central” team? opinions anyone?

  2. Main Team sounds better in my opinion. “Elite” is too vague of a distinction because anyone who actually does hardcore raids/dungeons is considered an elite whether or not they’re part of the Main Static.

  3. main team sounds way better and its what is used on most other novels, elite teams kinda make it sound like the other teams on the guild are just a bunch of headless noobs, wich clearly is far from the truth with the lineup they are building

  4. Thank you!!!

    Main team is good~

    Actually elite team is the team comprised of elite members of the team…so it’s good too….but since MC and MC’s best bud..2 most elite members are not in that team ..call it a main team~

  5. From the reason you refer to, I also prefer main team than elite team. I really lessen confusing when you want to use word ‘Elite’ for member of the guild.

    Also Elite – Auxiliary is not match too…

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