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Either I made a mistake or someone was retconned out of Chapter 186.

Out of the Seven Archbishops, (two of them) 花落誰家 and Leader Young Seven were already in Nie Yan’s camp, and Black Heaven might still join Sapphire Shrine later on. As for the four others, he heard that Guo Huai had been in talks with one, but he didn’t know if they came to an agreement or not.

In the line above, it references two players, Leader Young Seven and 花落誰家. I assume 花落誰家 is a name, and I’ve discussed it with other translators who think so as well, but chapter 189 says there’s only one Archbishop which clearly contradicts there being two already in Nie Yan’s camp in Chapter 186. So either I mistranslated or there’s a typo. I’ve also searched other chapters, but 花落誰家 is only mentioned in Chapter 186. In any case, please do message me if any of you solve this mystery.



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  1. I think that nie yan is talking about the guild in full sense in 186, but in 189 his talking about the contracted members so, there’s 2 archbishops but only 1 contracted for the time being. Maybe?

    1. I thought that at first but,
      why would a guild use one of their most talented priest as a mole,
      it will hurt them to use him that way instead of having him in the front line doing instances and leveling.

  2. No, 花落誰家 is not a name in this context. It is a commonly used idiom in literature. Simply the sentence said:”Which faction would the Seven Archbishops belong to?”
    花落誰家 in words mean “who is gonna be shoot by the flower?” Women shoot flowers to someone they like to show love in ancient China.

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