🗡RT Chapter 182🗡

Hello, everyone! Here’s the third release of the week. I hope you enjoy! Thank you to Jesse for sponsoring this chapter!

Thank you, everyone, for the kinds words. I really appreciate it. As for answering the question of getting a co-translator, I have tried. I don’t mind having a co-translator, but none of the decent translators want to touch this novel. Aside from that, there are very few translators I trust to cover for me, and there are a ton of other complications that might arise if two unfamiliar translators work together.

Editor: Sergio S.

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  1. Hmm, too bad. A co-translator would have been nice, as for complications, that could be discussed, no?
    Oh well, hopefully a way will be found, dont fret, keep going at a steady pace, we support you, and hopefully with time, these difficulties will be solved! 😀

      1. Oh, ok , though I am clueless about such a matter, sorry. lol
        Anyhow hopefully everything will workout.
        I hope your not stressed, that would be downer, just hope that things smoothen up for you shanks, my sincere apologies for not understanding your situation.
        And I appreciate your effort, time and hard work that you out into this.

        1. It’s fine, it wasn’t you. I don’t mind people wanting more. I understand the feeling. As for what happened to Deceptioning, when he decided to translate with Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality with a co-translator, the other translator’s translations were riddled with mistakes, and it ended with Ren calling them out, and the whole series had to be retranslated. It was in this post, https://www.reddit.com/r/noveltranslations/comments/47grtg/translator_ethics_get_it_right/

          1. Oh, thnx, glad to be informed of these things, broadens my horizons.
            Also thanks so much for the 3rd release of the week, was slow to realize.
            My embarassment has no limits apparently. Lol

  2. Well hopefully things work out. I understand peoples concerns about it taking a long time to finish the series but I assume either A at some point you will be able to release more chapters. (not talking soon but in a year or two) or B you will find someone who wants to work with you and help release more chapters. However just being consistent is a godsend compared to most translators. Keep up the good work!

    Also one of my favorite series TKA used to have multiple people translating but it wasn’t consistent just some chapters so maybe you can try people out as well. Instead of splitting it up where u do different chapters, just split the chapter in half or just have him translate a chapter as well but only publish yours initially to check quality. Essentially have tryouts

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