🗡RT Chapter 181🗡

Hello, everyone! Here’s the second release of the week. I hope you enjoy!


As for how the Patreon will work, it’s simply an extension of the sponsor bar. The money will be added to the bar at the 1st of every month when Patreon charges. Once more, I’d like to thank you for the support you’ve shown me in any form. I really do hope to continue this series with you guys to the end, and I understand my own inadequacies. I know many of you don’t comment, and it’s sort of pointless to make any promises since actions prove louder than words. I know I’m not a fast translator by any means, I understand. In the time it takes for me to translate one chapter (4hrs+ realistically speaking), some translators may have already translated two, three, or more. I only started taking up translating last March, through the suggestion of my friends, as a means of relearning my Chinese and giving back to the community. As some of you may know, before I took up translating I was the editor of Martial God Asura. Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to get on Wuxiaworld with my own series. Translating is the first thing I ever took up seriously (despite what some others might say), and I pride myself in the quality of my releases. I know I’m starting to ramble now, but the point is… I also hold the belief that if I pick up a series, I hold the responsibility to release frequently and consistently. I thought I was doing an okay job up until now, but apparently, times have changed and my mindset is still the same as it was a year ago. If enough of you really find me unsatisfactory, I’ll willing step down, and hopefully, another translator can take my place. Until then, I’ll continue to release at a consistent pace as I always have been. I honestly don’t think it’s selfish to value my own free time. If there are sponsored chapters to do, I’ll get them out. That’s the last I’ll give my opinion about this subject.

Ps. While it’s a disheartening that my intentions to stay transparent have been misconstrued as making excuses or whining, I’ll continue to update you guys if anything comes up that might influence releases. Keep in mind, I’ve never failed to release the regular chapters for any week since I’ve started, so this usually affects sponsored releases only.

Editor: Sergio S.

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    1. Everyone starts from somewhere you may not be the fastest but in time I’m sure you will be able to release more chapters you are doing fine. Keep up the good work!

  1. Thanks for your hard work!
    Also, I love the snipits of random hyperlinks that are humorous and convey a point (Like a youtube clip).

    Excited for more chapters!

  2. Sigh, the complainers never fail to make themselves heard. i don’t read this, maybe one day, but keep going strong shanks. this stuff always happens with series that don’t have a super high release rate. some people expect every tl to be like DB or CKtalon. basically some people are spoiled, entitled brats that whine when they don’t get their way. just ignore them and keep doin you. enjoy your free time.

  3. Made an account to reply to this, just to show that the majority of people reading your work are very happy with the work that you provide free of charge (and at a very high quality) and that we think it’s completely reasonable for you to expect compensation for going past the “freebies”.

    I think a lot of the frustration some people voice comes from the fact that they just love the series, and wish it could go as fast as some of the other ones on here, but they should realize that the translations are done by people, not machines. And as far as i can tell, Shanks is a sincere, hardworking, honest person that operates transparently and for me personally, that’s all i can ask for. (Although i think all of us have that little devil in the back of our head screaming for more, but that just comes from the work being so enjoyable, again, due to the fact that the translation is done with care.)

    1. I totally agree with you.
      And shanks, dont give up, I would be so sad to have you leave, please keep translating.
      It might be hard to you now, may be difficult especially with all those who love ur translation wanting more, and this situation may seem like a problem, 4 hours is alot.
      But if you keep trying, then watch in the future(may even be 1 week in the future), you will look back on this day and realize that this was never a problem.
      As for those who want more, I’ll tell you, I want more, I definitely want more in fact i am thirsting for more.
      But as a reader of this novel and of your translations( which even many english books lose out to in terms of writing capabilites/translating) I have to remember you are human and that you have decided quality of quantity which is one of the greatest reasons I read this novel for.
      You have a life, you cant spend 8 hours a day translating 2 chapter, aand I understand that thus I am rdy to suppress my desire for more.
      And remember that keep translating, slow it may be, but steadily, and remember we are encouraging you, we got your backs, we appreciate you and we understand your difficulties. And we dont want you to give up even if we can get another translator who gives out 3 chapters every day! And I certainly dont want u to regret this day in the future by giving up now.
      My appreciation is heartfelt, or I would not be spending time on writing this long message, I hope you read this and I hope you translate,happily,steadily, with a calm mind.
      ‘We gain nothing by giving up but gain alot by perservering.
      So please, continue translating,continue…

      As always I appreciate your time, effort and hardwork that you put into this.
      Thank you.

  4. Keep up the SUPERFANTASTICAMAZINGAWESOMEHIGHQUALITY Work! Anyone who is complaining about the quality of your translations has not browsed around the translation community – you are an easy top 10% translator in my books. If they complain about your release schedule… I have had translators be grounded in the middle of their release schedule, go dark for absolutely no reason what so ever and then just shrug it off when they get back (all the while having taken donations potentially), as well as have life suddenly jump up so they are slowed to once a month releases at best. You on the other hand since the start of your translation with RT have had phenomenal quality, consistent releases or very quick notification to we the community of delays and reasons for those delays, and have accepted feedback from us and worked with us to make this novel and community all the better for it. Any naysayer who is harping against you or the decisions you’ve made – just need the next 10 comments underneath theirs which I’d bet will either be discrediting them or encouraging you. Please, Please, PLEASE keep up your amazing work for as long as you are enjoying it and for 1 month after you stop enjoying it (to see if you really don’t enjoy it anymore) as you are one of my favorite novels on WW right now and in my opinion one of the best translators on this amazing site. These novels on here keep my days bright and my horizons hopeful so I just want you to know that you have helped me continue “the daily struggle” as some days it is a struggle – but then I can come home and find one of your chapters waiting for me and know, just KNOW, that I have some to look forward to for at least a few minutes that day. Sincerely a fan, friend, and fanatic reader.

  5. although this account was recently made ive been with wuxiaworld for a while now and of course reading RT i would be sad to see you go and if anyone complains stab them with little shanks?

    love and support from me~~

  6. You’re doing great Shanks! Your translations are amazing i completely forget that i’m reading a translation and not a story originally written in English! Don’t let the haters get to you there’ll just always be someone whom are never satisfied.

    There might always be a taller tree somewhere in the forest and the wind might howl trying to bend you, but still you’ll keep growing tall standing proudly basking in the sunlight that is your hard work and dedication

  7. I mean, obviously your not the fastest translator. OMA is going to be releasing 21 chapters a week compared to your 2 + sponsored. However that is not an issue with me. Obviously more content is better but consistency is much more important. I hate when translators just randomly do shit and you have no clue when to expect anything. Its not a problem you have limited releases as long as u keep hitting your quota.

    One suggestion. I don’t know how you would think about it but since you are doing this solo, you could possibly make a team to do this. Then you could pump out more chapters and I assume you are translating this because you enjoy the story and want others to have the chance to read it so you will be able to do both things.

    PS it is always good to have someone to motivate you so even if you dont want to have a team or anything just try to be active with people. It will help your motivation to write and get work done instead of it feeling like homework.

  8. Shanks… I don’t really comment on anything at all… and as much as I wish too, I cant really afford to support every translator with a donation or patreon. I, like so many others, would love to donate hugely to every single novel and the moment a chapter pops up from those novels, the giddy feeling of excitement from having the story continue is simply… AMAZING! I’ve read all the novels available on the site and am up to date with the ongoing ones, and i’ve recommended so many of them, to colleagues, friends and students.

    Every single translator and editor here are doing their best to keep up to everyone’s demands but we forget, as readers, that you all don’t really need to translate the novels in the first place. You could have just read the untranslated version and enjoyed the story alone but instead have decided to share it with us.

    As you stated above, you were an editor, then you decided to translate this novel as a method to recover and reintegrate your roots. Personally, I admire your for that simple fact. Who cares about the number of translations that you release? I remember when you posted that the chapters became longer and that the posts would decrease but their length would increase. Yes, it was a bummer but every chapter still feels longer than the other.

    Furthermore, translating with the essence and emotions that an author wants to portray is not easy at all, and you, like so many dedicated translators, do just that. I remember Mr. Deathblade posting that they paid for a translation of a single chapter to compare with his own… it was an utter disgrace… no love… no fun… nothing… it was a bland piece of text that you could get through a machine translation.

    I feel that I might be rambling on but I just wanted to say that I don’t care about what others may say; you are doing a great job, you are offering us a great opportunity to read a terrific novel, that you should basically ignore the haters, that your translations have always been consistent and of great quality (increasing more as the story progresses) and simply, THANK YOU!

    It might sound like an empty promise but I will 100% boycott the series, if you leave due to haters complaining about translation releases, length, etc… The community that supports you and your fellow translators and editors is always here.

    I’m not sure whether my comment makes a difference but really, THANK YOU! To you and your editor(s) and anyone else who supports you.

  9. I normally do not comment. Actually I just created an account to leave this comment. Your story is one of the few i regularly read and I really appreciate the quality of your translation. I really wouldn’t want you to increase chapter count in expense of quality. Thank you for all the hard work you have done. Cheers 🙂

  10. Hello Littleshanks,

    Your translations are amazing, reading any chapters of RT is one of the highlights of my week. I hope to be able to finish this series with you and if you chose to drop this series because of whatever reason, I hope that if a translator picks this up they are at least half as good as you. You don’t owe anyone anything, just keep doing what your doing. Hopefully, I will be able to donate and help along this journey and at the very least leave a few positive comments where they are due.

    Sincerely grateful,

    Lord Golden Serpent.

  11. maybe you don’t have the speed of others but that’s only because you just started, concentrate in your good points and keep up the good work, you are doing great and is apreciated the quality and of course THANK YOU!

  12. Your translations are the second best out of all the light novels I’ve read so far, (and that’s a lot). The only reason you’re not the first is because the other translator uses western naming so it’s much easier to read.

    I often find myself confused between the many similar sounding names and the fact the names are always put in the wrong order. I always wonder why no other translator fixes this.

  13. ignore that negative bullsh*t shanks. look at all the positive comments you already got before me.
    i am happy everytime i see an update of the books i read no matter how many there are. and this is one of the books i enjoy very much.

  14. I recently just started commenting on some of the novels I read because I finally decided to make this account but Shanks, RT is one of the novels that I love and enjoy the most here on WW. I really love your translations because it is of high quality. I hope you keep up your work cause I can’t imagine what will happen to this novel if you drop it and that would really be sad 🙁 please know that we are here appreciating your works! Best of luck to you! And I hope you continue this until the end

  15. I largely appreciate the quality of your translation and the free release (specially) 😁. Thank you for translation and sorry if I can’t support you because I’m poor as a beggar.😑

  16. Honestly, I disagree with a lot of people here. You release legit 2-3 chapters per week and plan to see this series to the end. Do I think you translate poorly? No. There’s like 995 chapters in this series, but at the rate you’re translating it’ll probably be a long time before you finish. You mention yourself that you value your free time and I appreciate that you translate this series for free. But I feel like the readers of the series deserve a more dedicated translator then lol. Why not pass this onto someone who would stockpile chapters or willing to give up their free time to release more chapters per week? If anything, why not do something like Way of Choices did for a while, and have two translators so the series get translated faster. Idk, I think the quality of translation is great, you’re probably a good person, and just don’t feel like spending much more free time than you have to on this series. These are all totally fair points. But if you give a fk about your readers, why not be a bit less selfish and pass it onto another translator that will dedicate their free time for the series or pick up a 2nd translator? As a reader, would you rather have a translator that holds the series back? Since, as the readers, we’re stuck with this sick 2-4 chapters per week release rate, and will have to wait years+ before this series finish translating. Idk just my personal opinion. I like the series, I think you mean well, but I’m selfish as a reader and would like more chapters per week. Just kinda sucks that you’re not really willing to put in more free time translating or stockpile or etc, but plan to see this 995 chapter series to end with a 2-4x per week release rate…

    1. Yes, seeing the series completed would be AWESOME!
      But there are plenty of good works out there nobody even started to translate yet.

      At least we can already enjoy part of the glorious RT story for free here.

      ~3 Chapters a week will finish this series faster then many others translators. Others started working on stuff that has thousends of chapters and will take them a dozen years or longer at their current pace.

      In comparison RT could actually be fully translated in a few years.
      And who knows? Maybe we will see more then ~3 chapters a week down the line, stuff happens.

    2. I have been with this site since it opened and can easily say this, what is your problem with slower translations? You obviously don’t remember having to wait a week for one chapter or excited when others got to 2-3 chapters a week. All translators start off slower until they get into the swing of things. What I don’t get is you expect him to give up his personal life so you can spend 2-3 minutes max to read a chapter and show nothing but disrespect in return. Some of these novels have been in the process of being translated for years and let’s not take into account the fact that they have work, and family, and school and real life to juggle alongside it. So what if he has personal time and a social life? Good for you Shanks and keep up the great work! Just because you have people with no sociability or because they can read a chapter quick and go about their lives doesn’t give them the right to bash you for enjoying yours. What takes us a few minutes to read takes you hours to translate so let’s do the math MuffinFTW. He spent say 4 hours per chapter average at 181 chapters. That is 724 hours or 43,440 minutes translating 181 chapters which you read at say 5 minutes (guessing you are a bit slow considering your tone and way you carry yourself) which is to say you took 905 minutes or 15.1 hours out of your time to read all of the chapters. Now, look at how long it took you in total to read what took him 47.94 times longer to translate. You have no problem with socializing because you don’t have to do this. Give the man his due respect and let him continue. If you don’t like it then tough luck, there are other series and sites to go read because you are in the minority here as far as thinking he has no respect or care about the readers. You called him “selfish” for wanting to have personal time while doing something FOR YOU and FOR FREE. Unlike popular belief, most translators don’t make a living doing this and do it in their spare time which means they have to pay the bills, go to school and take care of families. You are right, you are a selfish reader because Shanks is not willing to put in more free time”. Look at how much time he has spent already, just over 30 days worth of his free time to do this. He will get faster with time but just like all of the other translators, it takes time so please treat him with some respect and quit acting like an entitled unappreciative child. I have been reading some series for years already and you need to realize that’s just how things go sometimes.

    3. You have raised valid points, the problem here is “is there a competent traslator who is willing to take this over and release more chapters per week”? I mean sure some people might be willing to settle for readable quality if they get chapters faster. But it’s not easy to find tl’s who are bearable and who love the novel enough to give say 7 chapters a week. Shanks could try asking around but with the rate he is going it should be done in 9 years That’s… Ok

      But with wuxia novels becoming popular we can hope to see more tl’s being born and I don’t think it will take that long.

      1. I mean 5 years, sorry wrong calculations

        And I also forgot to add the reason why I commented. I dont think he is selfish and does not care about his readers.

  17. I saw a lot of people howling their love for your work.
    I will be another one of that batch.
    Thank you for your free work, it’s always a good moment when a chapter is released.
    You respect your schedule for a long time now, I don’t think some reader could just say you’re not doing your job properly.

    Thank you.

  18. Hey shanks!
    I would like to start by sayin that i also made an account just for this comment. And i want to say: dont listen to the complainers. It is your novel after all. I would also like to thank you for all the translations till now

    ps: love the teasers

  19. Well, i couldn’t translate a single chapter even if i had a week to do so. Don’t sell yourself cheap just because you aren’t the fastest translator out there.

    1. The fast ones got where there are by doing it for years, you will get at least slightly faster over time.
    2. Speed isn’t everything, quality matters, and your work is actually pretty high quality.
    3. To me works like Absolute Choice for example seem easy to translate in a direct comparison to RT.

    You do you!

    Don’t be discouraged, you do quality work at a solid pace. The hardest thing here is to actually commit to translating a story for years, plenty of people give up after a while. => Thumps up for your good work!

  20. Before i forget it:
    The patreon madness has just begun, and wuxiaworld is growing FAST.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see RT’s patreon break the 1k $ mark in the coming months, the sheer amount of wuxia crazy readers is growing at a rapid pace.

    1k alone could roughly double the amount of chapters we get, that is if you have the time and motivation to convert tons of patreon money into actual chapters, something that is completely up to you.

    1. He’s mentioned that all the income goes towards the queue, which means that at the 1k mark we’ll be getting ~5 chapters a week on average. Let’s hope we get there 🙂

  21. Hi Shanks,

    I’ve also just made an account for this. Had many problems making an account before cause the register link wasn’t there but I’ve this time I was adamant enough to make one. I really think your translations are well-put and as an Australian myself i find your chapters to be of very high-quality. I hope you’ll continue translating as I believe you should value your own free time and we’re all really greatful here of you translating for us.

    I’m just a single reader here but I hope you’ll lift yourself up again as you know there’ll be at least someone who cares about your work and what you do.

    Thanks for all your hard work till now and I hope to see you continue this series through to the end.

  22. Hi Shanks! You know, you’re my favorite translator and Rebirth of the thief is one of my fave stories too, please don’t drop this. I may rarely comment but you have my full support. I may have only contributed a small amount once for sponsored chaps before but im trying to sort out my budget to pledge on your pathreon not for extra chaps but because I’m thankful to you. I’m learning japanese and know some senpais that still having troubles in kanji’s (they might be kind of diff with chinese characters but originated with them) and i’m having a hard time with it too, to be honest. Please don’t feel too obliged to release more chapters and at faster rate . You don’t have to, you need your own time. If any, we owe you for translating this wonderful story! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would love to ask you for us to eat out or grab some coffee but of course that’s not possible. Haha! Again, i hope you’ll not drop this. I can’t imagine this story without you as a translator! You know, lots of us loves you! ♡♡♡

    You’re a good translator, don’t ever doubt yourself. You’re good!


  23. Please don’t get discouraged Shanks!
    I’ve also read one of those nasty comments and found the written things totally wrong. Some people just have a weird point of view. BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE JUST A FEW AND DO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF YOUR READERS!!
    It’s okay to think a bit about what they said but ultimately it’s your and ONLY your personal decision what you want to do. We readers can be happy that we have something for free. And if I had to buy everything I read so far as a book I would loose a lot of money. That’s also the reason why it’s totally okay to ask for donations without increasing the translation rate. If you don’t want to do it than there is nobody who has the right to criticize you!

    Have a nice day,

  24. Everybody let’s gather more funds on Patreon to help and support LittleShanks !!
    We suggest you to create a team, so it would help to gather more chapter in advance !
    Thank you again for your work

  25. Greetings mr Shanks, i’m one more that created an account just to comment on this post, even though you say you are new to translation your work is of utmost quality and i can’t help but praise you for caring enough, you deserve every compliment people gives you

    Buuut… i dont wanna be a pessimist here, but the novel has 1k chapters right? at the pace you release that will take roughly another 5 years? i’m not complaining, just think that by there you’ll prolly be sick of translating the same novel, of course we would love if things were faster, but i really appreciate your effort, and its good that you know your limit and dont make promises you can’t keep

    Maybe like other ppl suggested you could get someone to help you if there are any and if you dont mind that, i know some ppl don’t like translating with others as it can get confusing, but don’t give up man

  26. Thanks for everything you do! I really like your translating! I’m in no way discontent with everything you’ve done. The (very short) wait just makes each chapter all that much sweeter! 😀

  27. Thank you for your time and effort to give us releases! I do understand some people who say it is slow but I know of many other translators that release chapters at most once a week and sometimes only once a month so I am quite happy with what you do release. I am also really happy with the quality of your translations so keep up the great work. Maybe if you find someone that is interested in cotranslating (that is willing to be up to your standards) we can have chapters a bit faster, but for now just keep on doing the awesome job without minding those complainers.

  28. Thanks for your hard work.
    never commented on wuxiaworld (bad me) but you seemed really down so I’ll make a little effort 🙂
    Your relationship with readers is a lot like pusher vs addicts. It’s bound to get complicated sometimes. We have to learn how to manage hunger. Your work is very good and I don’t want you to speed things up if it means you won’t enjoy translating anymore.

  29. When I first saw this post I was like “oh shit” did i just piss him off when I asked about increasing the release rate?
    anyway then I was happy when I saw the super dissentient comment. So I hope you took my comment in the same spirit that it was asked.

    Ok so now I completely see all these novels as free food, you don’t complain when you get free food. You go to a different place or eat it. Well you can offer suggestion humbly, but still I take it as you guys doing us a favor.

    I had happened to binge read up to 180 and thats why I had asked about the release rate. Its so much more satisfying to binge read. I don’t mind I’ll take a pause and continue after couple of months.

    Now coming to your TL quality. Yes its actually awesome, like I have seen better novels with worse tl’s. I especially love your youtube links and the footnotes. So thanks there. Keep up the good work.

    But while its important to take tl seriously I think you are being too serious. You should be chill about it IMO, and if real life coming in between you shouldn’t sweat tling a chapter less. This attitude might help you aim for a higher tl goal. Right now you might be feeling I can give 2 chapters a week for sure, if i start promising more I
    will find myself overstretched.

    But yeah after reading your messages I understand you value your free time, you should know more than us what you can and cant do. And most of us I feel; leave everything to your discretion.

    This is getting too long lol, anyway. I hope you enjoy this thing you do for free, which cuts into your free time. You should know by know how there are going to be dissatisfied people, try not to let them ruin your day. Remember there are tons more here who support and more importantly Thank You. (they are just lazy to comment most of the time).

  30. I remember when 2 chapters a week was like OMG no way that’s f**king amazing. Don’t let these spoiled patreon brats get to you. You keep doing the quality work you do. This leecher can only humbly suggest the idea of having a fellow team to help witch of course has to meet your standards as a middle ground. Honestly I think you should just tell them to go back in time and see what 7 chapters a week for all wuxia updated novels feels like. But more importantly I would rather have you doing quality work than someone else that will butcher it for 14 chapters a week. We are here for the stories and I like quality stories. Like the awesome people tribe incident. Oh thank God we had you. Asskickers United sounds so much better in English with same intent. I know how much work you put for just that one term. Once again thank you for your quality work. Also you should just tell them that they won’t have enough time in a week of you started doing so many chapters to. God knows I can barely keep up and I’m only staying up to date with like 7 novels… Just 7. Yours of course makes my cut for being worthy of my time. Please don’t let the patreon brats win. I may have to expunge thier dao from existence of this happens and I don’t really have the time for it at the moment. Seriously though I have enjoyed your translations.

  31. Thanks for the chapter! And please don’t stop translating! You have kept steadily translating consistently, and I’ve only seen you take 1or2 breaks. Although I like how other translators are insane and can translate up to 12 chapters per week, that is having no concern for the translator. How are you supposed to even have healthy mental stability if you are up all night trying to differentiate between to languages, and then meticulously changing characters in to letters, all the time. Two a week is completely fine by me, because if you translated like a madman, the quality would go down, and that is my favorite part about your translating! You know how to use commas correctly, and how is a single editor going to be able to keep up with so many chapters if you do 4+ a week! Translating should be a hobby, not a job, unless you are really using to support yourself. But shanks, my God and savior for translating my favorite novel that I could barely read the raws of because of my horrible Chinese, although I do not know how old you are, I am guessing you probably have a job or university, so as a caring and devoted reader, I am unable to allow you to torture yourself to spend your own free time to translate so many chapters like the translator freaks like RWX (I still don’t know how he translates so darn fast) when the true fans should be able to easily wait, because even if you are very fast at translating, the part time fans will still eventually leave, and so you will be left with the devoted readers like us, who are patient enough to wait a week for two chapter. You should always think about yourself before trying to please others, and if ever want to, you can take a break, because we will still be reading. You are the translator, so you have all of the rights to set the times you want to translate, so we therefore have no right to complain about having two chapters a week, even though they are high quality chapters which don’t seem rushed. Another point is although you may not translate fast enough for other people, if you drop this, and someone else picks this novel up, which is a big if, I guarantee within another 100 chapters they will drop it also, eventually leading to this simply amazing novel being forgotten by the uncultured impatient swine that is the English culture.

    As a closing to this very detailed comment, I present my gracious gratitude to you Shanks, as I am your number 1 fan. Keep doing what you are doing! I will support you with money when I have enough to stop living off top-ramen and hot pockets (I am in my apartment right now about to kowtow to an invisible translator I have never met three times :D)

    Sincerely, ShanksNumber1Fan

    Post note- I just realized how many times I brought up the same point, but I am too lazy too change it now.

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