🗡RT Chapter 180🗡+ Patreon Announcement

Hello, everyone! Here’s the first release of the week. I hope you enjoy!

Patreon Announcement
I’ve finally made a Patreon. So you can now support me here: https://www.patreon.com/littleshanks

I’ve given up on my goal of making a stockpile. I’ve come to accept that the fact that if I don’t have to work, I probably won’t. As such, there’s no point in delaying the Patreon anymore. I’m making it so readers can show their support in another form. Since I’m incapable of building a stockpile it seems, I guess there’ll be no early access chapters. What I release is what I have. However, to thank the patrons who’ve supported me, I’ll display your names (if you want me to) on the sidebar. As always, I’m always appreciative of anyone who shows their support through donating to sponsored chapters. Thank you once again for supporting me all this time, and I hope to continue translating consistent and high-quality chapters!

Editor: Sergio S.

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  1. Any plans increasing translation rate? I would really love to read more than 2 chapters a week.

    If you can’t increase that directly, how about keeping this as a milestone for your patron? It seems like a good incentive in order to draw in donors.

  2. Don’t you feel any shame in creating a patreon with your 2 releases a week? Very quick in defending yourself when your internet “went down” however 2 weeks later still no stockpile and giving up anyway.

    1. Why would I feel any shame? Ever since I began translating, I’ve always kept to my promise without fail, releasing the same amount of work whether it be in the form of two chapters or three for free. Are you going to force me to do work when I don’t have to? As for when my internet ‘went down’ as you put it, I still fullfilled the promised regular amount of chapters for that week. Why are you insistent on a stockpile anyway? In the end, I decided shainst doing advanced chapters, so no one would get access to it in the first place. It was just so I had a backup in case something came up. Also, who wouldn’t defend themselves when being falsely accused, especially when I try to be as transparent with you guys as possible.

      Rudely venting in the comments won’t make me release more or do work I don’t have to. If there’s anything readers should know about me, especially those who’ve followed me since the beginning, is that I very much value my free time. Even on my wordpress, I didn’t do any sponsored chapters until past chapter 40 because I didn’t want more work and responsibility. But I did it anyway because enough readers wanted it, just as I’m doing now with making a Patreon. The whole point of the sponsored system is that if you want me to do more work, then my time should be compensated. Since I’ve kept to my end all this time, I don’t see why that should change. Whether or not others care enough to sponsor more chapters is not up to me, nor should it concern me. I’m perfectly content with how things are. Money has never been a main concern, if it were, I’d have long made a Patreon, create donation incentives for more chapters per week, and make a stockpile for thr express purpose of doing early access chapters.

      Listen, from the content of your comments, it’s apparent you’re dissatisfied with me, and I’m fine with that, I understand. If I’ve caused so much dissatisfaction for you to want to vent it out on me, I think it’s time you move on. There are many other novels you can read and translators you can show your support to. Why bother wasting your time and emotion on someone you don’t like?

      1. Shanks dont listen to all these guys who cant face the realities of life like little children.
        Point is, we appreciate your work, time and effort.
        We know the effort you put in and we will definitely encourage you all the way and be understanding of your difficulties.
        By no means should we deprive you of your relaxation and enjoyment of life due to our greediness. If you cant do more right now then dont. Instead I thank you for being able to hang on to the promised chapters even after facing all these difficulties, especially since you actually added alot of extras in also like those weeks with 3 chapters.
        We are going at a steady pace and we shall keep going at a steady pace.
        Thank you and may translating become much more enjoyable, easy, smooth and relaxing for you! 😀

      2. shanks don’t listen to him.we know how much you care about your readers as you translated even when your father is hospitalised. you dont have to justify yourself to likes of them. they are the people who to criticise others and don’t appreciate theit works .they are just a bunch morons who don’t wnderstand others hard work.

      3. Thanks for your work !
        Very good translation and we will support our best with Patreon !
        Thanks for all the time you spend on this novel, it is the best novel ever 🙂

    2. hay kawish shankas uploaded 3 chapters that week [ Chapter 171–172 – April 4, 2017 at 12:13 am – tuesday] and [Chapter 173 – April 9, 2017 at 03:06 pm – sunday]. that was 1 extra chapter when his internet ”went down” which is more then normal release rate and current chapters are bigger in size but he still kept his word so surt up and let shanks do his work.

    3. Seriously? Have you ever even done something like translating for free? It takes a lot of time and commitment to do this in your spare time, especially when you have real life on you. I used to translate manga and it’s a huge drain on you, especially when you can just as simply relax and play games or something with your free time.

      If anything, you should feel ashamed of yourself for being unappreciative of what he’s done. You’re not entitled to choose what he does with his free time, no matter how much you donate. He can do what he wants with his Patreon, because it’s his choice. You’re donating, not paying for a service. He gets to pick incentives.

  3. I understand all the bad comments, especially when it concerns one of your liked novels. This is mainly because all the translators have done a similar form of providing mass release or providing more chapters per week, and it has been a normal standard, at least for patreon translators.
    For me, personally, if you want others to sponsor you, then unless it is voluntary donations, you need to promise them certain things.
    This is the same for most of the things, investors won’t invest in you if you just continue as you like. If they invest in you, then they demand you to have responsibility towards your work and treat it professionally or at least fulfill their demands to a certain extent.

    But as far as I see, your patreon account is just another way to add in to sponsored chapters, so I don’t see any problems with it, since we will be getting sponsored chapters that have been paid for.

  4. Hey, I was just wondering if your planning on doing something similar to RainbowTurtle and setting goals on patron for more chapter releases? I really appreciate all the releases so far!

    Thanks, your fan Jason! 😀

    1. I understand the frustration of Kawish as this translation has so poor release rate , only 2 per week where some translators release 2 or more per day. We are all here for as we love the novel and like translators’ professionalism. As littleshanks advised I am moving on to other novels and quitting this one.

  5. The dao is in your heart mate…it means…do what you feel~
    Thank you!!!

    As for the bad commentors…they shall be royally fuc*ed by the 1,246 devils in the ninth level of hell…
    EvilDevil – the king of hell

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