🗡RT Chapter 158🗡

Here’s the second release of the week. I hope you enjoy!

Actually, there’s been something bothering me. There’s a better term for what I’ve been using as Alchemist this whole time which is Apothecary, while what I’ve been calling Tinkerer this whole time is actually properly translated as Alchemists in English, except they really only make magic bombs, smoke powder, and stuff. End of the day, this really doesn’t matter since it’s mostly semantics; Alchemist, Tinkerer, Apothecary, Receptarier, Artificer, Brewer, Chemist, etc., they’re all interchangeable to some extent. I’d just like your thoughts, should I keep things the way it is or change it? No poll this time, so leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. At the first place I thought just call them all alchemists, but from today chapter, I changed my mind. Having separate name based on their specialties making the world more colorful

  2. I think it’d be better if it stayed like this
    i like the names you yous up to now better

    and honestly i always only end up confused when names get changed so ^^

    thx for the capter 😉

  3. I think Alchemist is fine as is. Maybe use something else besides ‘Tinkerer ‘ like mechanic, or engineer or craftsman, technician, pyrotechnician, or maybe just tech’s (which i think is still short for technician but sounds better). I’m a little unclear on what the tinkerer does though. haven’t seen one yet in the story line have we?

  4. I think tinkerer fits better tbh when compared with real world MMO’s. Alchemy is generally potions, Tinkerer, or engineer is trinkets and gadgets.

    Even if the other ones did fit slightly better which I don’t believe they do, you’ve set the precedence now and without a powerful reason to change it I think it’ll be less jarring for the readers if you stick with the same.

  5. Both could be considered as alchemist (general term), but i would NOT use the term.
    Why ?
    Because, both professional are specific or specialized in one branch of alchemy.

    So to make the translation more coherent and keep it explicit, i would choose
    – Artificer for bombs, etc (specific term for specific production)
    – Apothicary for potions, etc (specific term for specific production)
    I hope, it helped.

  6. Thanks for the chapter
    overall alchemists is suit for profession how been use for create a chemical drugs
    in my mind its maybe use for 1st job..
    and can be upgrade or change latter..

  7. In MMORPGs the term which is mostly used for people who make “potions” or “elixirs” or make “transmutations” are called alchemists. So its much better to call them alchemists (if they make potions), where it is also easier for gamers to understand and visualise the profession. Apotheracy is not commonly used, and probably has a deeper meaning to it (i am not sure i am not native speaker). So, i suggest keep using alchemy. It will mix up the meanings and imaginations of the people if you change it after this. I am not sure about the thinkerer part though, may be a subject for change.

  8. Alchemists should be making potions.
    Call the other Artificers. It’d be easier to remember since they make weapons just like Artificers in Spirit Realm.

  9. For most gaming(mmo) alchemist would be the correct term to use for the one makes potions whether they are healing or utility. When you say brewer I would say absolutely not as that would make one think of someone who creates alcoholic beverages. Tinkerer/Artificer would work for sure on one who made various types of bombs. While they’re all interchangeable to a point which is somewhat true they also have different connotations such as like I pointed out with brewer earlier. Right now I feel that you have the general language correct especially in terms for gaming

  10. Thank you for the chapter!

    About the translation concern:
    (1) I recommend to go with “Alchemist” for a profession that focuses brewing potions in a fantasy setting for as long as at least some of the potions have magical properties.

    “Apothecary” and “Receptarier”—especially in Chinese story—need not have anything to do with potions because of the heavy reliance on ‘pills’, and they both have the pharmaceutical connotation. “Chemist” should be entirely avoided for as long as the ingredients or wares have any magical properties. And “Brewer” sounds way too ordinary and omits any reference to the fantasy setting.

    (2) I believe that “Artificer” is the best choice for as long as at least some products are magical in nature.

    The alternative “Tinker” / “Tinkerer” has the mending connotation, though it’s rarely limited to mending. And other alternative that comes to mind thanks to GW2—”Engineer”—feels like too much of an umbrella term.

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