🗡RT Chapter 143🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the fourth release of the week. I hope you enjoy! Thank you to Chocoeyes and everyone else for sponsoring this chapter!

So I owe you guys an explanation about Awesome Tribe people changed to Asskickers United. I should’ve given it last chapter, but I was so tired that I completely forgot and passed out after posting it. Basically, I consulted Ren and he told me that the guild name would appear often in the future of the series while that line in chapter 141 was probably a throwaway. Also, Ren really wanted Asskickers United, so I guess I gotta suck up to the boss. 😛

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  1. Just to inform, you’ll also have to translate the branch guilds names : 法师部落、牧师部落、战士部落、骑士部落、盗贼部落 which all keep the 部落 part. I suppose you can manage by keeping “United” though.

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