🗡RT Chapter 120🗡

Hello, everyone. This is the second release of the week. Hey guys, sorry for the slow releases. I’m trying to enjoy my holidays with my family, so that’s the reason for it, but I’ll at least push out the regular chapters. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, and I wish you all a happy new year!

Editor: Sietse


So, I made a mistake over 80 chapters back. I was supposed to include this in the last chapter, but I forgot since I was so tired. Nie Yan didn’t actually become a Shadow Dancer, he was just one step away from becoming one. I’ve gone back and made corrections to all chapters that mention Shadow Dancer.

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  1. This thief MC ? It’s not that great.
    May be he is not crazy enough ? Or the pace of the story is a bit slow and mechanical.
    Same goes for the pace of translation: it’s a bit slow.
    But still, i don’t know why. But I like it somehow.
    So BIG thanks for translating it & Merry christmas !!!

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