🗡RT Chapter 108🗡

Hello, everyone! This is the first release of the week. I hope you enjoy! Before anything,

I’d hope you guys check out Cult of the Sacred Runes translated by RDG. It’s also one of Mad Snail’s works and is well translated. However, the translation itself isn’t getting the love it deserves due to the notoriety of the author. As a fellow translator of the same author, I’d hope you guys give his translations a try.

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    1. The author is notorious for rushing and dropping his novels early on. Save for Rebirth Thief which was his claim to fame, most of his novels were rushed or dropped, including TDG right now. CSR might be rushed but it does have close and an ending at least. Not looking great for TDG though.

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    It’s such a shame that he rushes so many of his novels. I started TDG a while ago, but now I don’t think i’ll pick it up again since I don’t want a rushed ending…

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