🗡Just a Head’s Up🗡

Hey guys! Some construction workers made a mistake, leaving shanks without internet. No technician is able to come to his aid before friday, perhaps even monday. He’ll do his best to find some spare time in the school library to translate but he might not be able to push out a chap until his internet is fixed.

Thanks for your understanding 🙂

– Sietse, The Legendary Shadow Danger, Valici

23 thoughts on “🗡Just a Head’s Up🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. BS excuse. Didn’t Shanks say he was going to have a stockpile 2 weeks ago? he could easily release a chapter from McD’s Wifi which he has been using.

    1. Seconded.

      It’s definitely more about the not fully filled bar at the upper right than not having a translated chapter at hand.

      If I want people bullshitting me, I’d watch Fox News.

    2. Yeah, I failed to build up that stockpile. The two chapters you got on Monday was that stockpile. Also, if it really was the bar on the right not being filled, why would I bother asking my editor to make a post? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/281204998958874624/299625590695264256/image.png I made it as a heads up to anyone who planned to sponsor a chapter. If you want proof I don’t have any more chapters stockpiled, I can share my google drive too. The plan was to build up a stockpile this week after releasing the two chapters, then I would feel comfortable enough to make a Patreon. Sponsors don’t really affect how much I translate (except when I get more than I can handle, which was why I’m hesitant to make a patreon), but stuff like losing my internet at home does. I cant louter 4 hours+ at a mcdonalds to translate. I can’t also spend all of my time translating. I did this post as an explanation that I would try, not that I would stop translating this week. I also understand that RT releases are slower than you’d like which I’ve really been trying to improve on, but I don’t want to rush out a crappy chapter or put out something I’m not proud of. I understand if no readers want to donate because of the slow releases, and I’m grateful to those who do despite it. That’s mainly why I’m starting the patreon. In every week, I’ve never not kept to the promised regular releases a week even when my father was hospitalized. No matter what, I always try to be transparent to you guys and not mislead you to your detriment. It’s one thing if I can’t keep my promises of making a patreon, it’s another thing calling me out for not releasing chapters because I’m greedy.

      1. we understand your situation sharks and hope your internet get fixed soon and don’t listen to that person who criticize you they are just a bunch of morons.

    3. He’s given you the chapters early and you’re complaining despite the fact he’s mentioned he had internet problems and couldn’t translate. You’ve already gotten the chapters earlier than you would have, so grow up and learn some patience. If you really want chapters now then go MTL the novel yourself.

  2. Thanks for the information and thank you for what you do. Just a thought, all of the other main releases have a ton more that this one does. Is it possible to pull in another translator to help pump these out more often? You do two to three a week and they do some? Just a thought from a big fan.

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