🔥 COS Book 1, Chapter 24A, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🔥

The last chapter of the year!

This year’s been a wonderful ride for us. There’s been ups, and there’s been downs, but we’ve made it through it all. WMW’s done, and CoS is about to pick up its pace soon as well, so thank you for all the help. Did you know we were number 1 monthly in novel updates for a lot of the past year? Thanks, all of you who’ve been reading us, be it in the past with WMW or now with CoS. Thanks especially to our patrons, who’ve been making such crazy release rates possible. (Here’s the shill: Patreon rewards come active from the second week of Jan, and we’re close to reaching nine chaps a week. We’re offering to go upto 14 chaps a week eventually, so do support if you can. The individual Patreon tiers are being fulfilled now, and every tier will have bonus chapters in a couple hours. The link’s at the bottom.)

Chapter 24A | Chapter 24B (Teaser)

Edited by: Theo
TLCed by: OMA

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        1. ??? Patreons are beneficial for both sides. He gets more money out of it and the majority that doesn’t support on patreon gets faster release rates. There’s nothing negative to say about this. There’s no paywall, you wouldn’t have gotten those chapters without patreon. No idea how you can’t understand that..

          1. As long as it isn’t being done the same way the translator of atg is doing things then I don’t really care.

            p.s. if it is patreon early access then we aren’t getting chapters early, we’re getting them late. No idea how you can’t understand that…

        2. I understand what you’re saying, but this supports the translating team. A tip jar wouldn’t work very well because let’s face it, people want them benefits OMA wouldn’t get even a fraction of the donations he has right now if no one got anything from it. And yes, even people who don’t pay on patreon benefit quite a lot other than just keeping the translator of the series well fed because the translating team increases their total chapter release rate per week according to how much time they can afford to spend on it, which is determined by how much money they get. So it’s a win, win.

          1. I understand why they do it this way, and I don’t blame them for it. I still dislike it, but I don’t blame the translator for doing what they need to do.

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