💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Chapter 14

So the update has been released. It’s kind of shitty and short, but you can find it over at ensjtrans.com.

A guy called st8_lupe’s been helping me out with the translations recently! He edited most of the chapters of ISBBTW, and he really did a fantastic job. Be sure to thank him when you see him! You can find him over at kobatochandaisuki, editing a work translated by a person called CSV.

I’m working on a patreon for me and the author. It’ll be completed by tomorrow, hopefully. I tried to make three chapters to put on the queue, but I think I’ll have to complete the third chapter after I release the patreon… No one’s going to get the 20$ tier anyway, hehe.


In any case, here is chapter 14.

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