💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Announcement

After talking things out with few of the readers, and after inspecting the novel for quite some time, I decided it would be best for the novel if I just took a week-long break to prepare for a mass release the following week.

The novel is basically an infodump from chapter 5-29. After that, there’s nonstop action, but… I’ve found that quite a lot of the readers I’ve talked to become increasingly unsatisfied with the long infodump that the novel is currently. If I were to translate further on a regular schedule, the hate would only increase, so I decided that it would be better to just stop publishing translations for a week altogether, so that I could release all the way up till chapter 29 after a week.

I apologize for the delay. I would’ve released on a regular schedule, but with the kind of comments I’ve been getting… It’s a little hard.

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  1. Well, i haven’t started reading this novel yet, but you shouldn’t take comments on the site to your heart. Most of the time the comments are intended for the author instead of you translator team.

    1. this is very true. The translation is top notch, no grammatical errors, no spelling mistakes, and very colorful use of the language, not just base word translations but a display of emotional intent through good choice of words. Ensj fits in alongside the best of wuxiaworld. Nothing but good words for you!

      The novel is the weird one. I really like the premise but its off to a rocky start. If it picks up after chapter 29 then I will look forward to it with an open mind and try to be less cynical about it.

  2. I agree 100% thank you for your hard work and dedication

    a rule of thumb is 50 chapters but i realise that that does not apply here as this novel is much shorter
    than average and delaying that long is unrealistic (also you seem to know what your doing)

    I think this novel is great and you are doing a great job
    I look foward to the mass release next week!

  3. I agree 100% thank you for your hard work and dedication

    a rule of thumb is 50 chapters but i realise that that does not apply here as this novel is much shorter
    than average and delaying that long is unrealistic (also you seem to know what your doing)

    I think this novel is great and you are doing a great job
    I look forward to the mass release next week!

  4. I’m actually quite enjoying the novel up to now. Don’t worry to much about the negative comments. If you think it’ll help go ahead we’ll keep reading after chapter 29.
    Thank you for the hard work.

  5. I admit that the comments are harsh, and some of them are rather disrespectful and extremely demotivating to look at but.. the comments will keep on coming, and they might get harsher and harsher.. If you’re letting them get you down right now. It wont really look well in the long run..

    That said, as what the others above has said, the quality is really good, just that the author mixed in some annoying cliches that people would naturally complain about. There isn’t really anything wrong with your translation..

    And those comments about you only having an eye out at money, take it with a grain of salt. If people are complaining about it, means that its how they perceive how you’re acting. Maybe instead of just posting announcement asking for support on your patreon, talk more about the story so far, so that the patreon is less emphasized.

    The more successful translators would usually discuss some parts of the story with the readers.
    “oh man the infodump is massive, its kinda annoying but bear with it guys.”
    “oh man that fight was awesome, lets see how the other 2 laugh at his power now”

    add some personality to your announcements.

    That said ,taking a week long break will just drive away readers. Its your choice but.. I don’t think that it is a wise one if what you’re gonna do is just release more chapters next week (with the same amount that you were gonna do anyway) The story would continue at the same pace, with readers leaving because they couldn’t wait.

    Not to mention that the translation is still young. I wouldn’t call having a 1 week break at 17 chapters to be a wise move.

    This post isn’t to convince you to give up the 1-week break. I’m just trying to provide some constructive feedback. We all appreciate your translation. Just try not to let the haters get to you.

    As the comment above said, Do what you must Ensj. If this 1 week of break is really something you need then go for it.

  6. thanks for you hard work…

    I don’t have problems with the “infodump”, my problem is always with “who say what”, I have a hard time to know who is speaking XD, but I know that is the way the source is.

    See you next week…

    -Sorry, I read english, but write is odd to me-

  7. Thanks for the hard work and honestly don’t take the comments and bitching to heart. It’s the way the Author wrote the story and it’s got nothing to do with you. Just translate it at your own pace regardless of it being infodump or nonstop action

  8. … I would hate to change your mind, ~24 chapters in a week sounds awesome, but I suggest you ignore/worry less about the reader’s complaints. If you burn out your desire to translate due to a week long translating session, we will lose a great source of entertainment. Personally, I don’t think that this novel has fallen to the state of an ‘info dump’… I find the characters to be a little ~willy nilly~ and the plot seems odd in some instances… but the story is definitely enjoyable. Expectations for the following chapter are a requirement for any story and I see no issues with your work. If you feel like giving yourself a challenge and feel that you can comfortably release the chapters after a week, by all means do it, but you should never feel like you are required to release chapters faster than the author released them originally.

  9. Thanks for all your hard work! Sorry about all the hate. ;_;
    On a side note, is it just me or does the chapter number above the chapter and the chapter number before the title do not match? Did I miss something?

    ex: ISBBTW Chapter 17
    Chapter 16. Distribution Disputes

  10. Yeah I found the pacing jinda annoying. But my annoyance was towards the author, not the translator.
    Anyway it is annoyance not hate. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For example, arnd 5 years ago I used to love harem novels but now I avoid them.

  11. I’m sorry for these wuxia-addicted people who are blinded by the awesome story you traslate and start to want more and write hate comments.
    But it’s pretty like in a normal comapany when the boss abuses you XD

  12. :O
    I’m enjoying the story so far – I like how the ‘powers’ work, and the mentality of the main character. Looking forward to more chapters xD

    Thanks for the translations ^^

  13. I was just getting a little irked at how I had to wait 3+ days for one chapter lol. Haven’t read comments on any of the chapters, but if it’s how you say it is then taking a break’ll do good for ya, mate. Hope ya come back feelin’ 110%. 🙂

  14. i personally dont think that there is an info dump going on. its just the character is preparing for an upcoming event,its his personality to prepare and plus he is still getting a hang of his powers .
    haters gonna hate man, and even though i feel that its difficult to tell who is speaking what, its not your problem its the authors. your translations are cool!! keep up the good work!!!

  15. Gotta say that this is the most interesting novel for me atm,
    as for the dialogues using terms out of mmorpg’s and stuff is quite awesome as well.

    There may be some people who would comment like they did, but note that there are readers who enjoy this author’s style just like you.

  16. No worries bud, I’m a big fan for this novel, anyways. Waiting a bit for a big release will definitely be something I look forward to. So much so, I’m already waiting for it impatiently. xD Thanks for the hard work on your part, keep it up. Just because some speak out and are harsh with their comments, that’s just because, usually those kinds of people are the ones that are more out-spoken. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who purely enjoy reading this novel and appreciate your translation. Thanks again!

  17. Absolutely no problem mate. Word to the wise though, don’t let the hate deter you from translating. Most of it is directed to the Author anyway, but as they have no way to REACH the author, it ends up being forced on you.

    The translation quality is excellent, and the story so far reminds me a bit of Yours and Mine Asylum. Well, not really the story, but the characters.

    The only real problem I’m having is the fact that the MC seems to be a push over in some instances. He’s a mass murderer who single handedly killed nearly 100,000 people, and yet he’s conceding his point really early, or going with the flow extremely easily. The latest chapter, for instance. He completely gave up on his share, despite the fact that, as someone else pointed out, he killed one of them nearly instantly with his FINGERNAIL, and the other only won due to the fact that her “health bar” is obscenely large.

    But, again, these are more complaints to the author rather than you. You’ve done great work so far, so thank you.

  18. Ugh. The kind of people who do that and complain about it are the worst. The comments aren’t for people to complain and bitch and moan about how they’re going to drop it if it doesn’t get better soon. It’s for discussion on what was posted. Those people lose all respect from me.

  19. But I really enjoyed this!
    I just registered to say problem is with us that haters can affect translators this much. We should support and give our opinions before they can discourage you.
    Myself included.
    I agree that sometimes it’s get annoying because of minor mistakes by the author but they are just minor. Lots of other novel in this site are worse than this and it’ll pass as the author gets warmed up.
    I personally like this novel and the MCs personality.

  20. while i dont think haters should swap your opinion, considering the way the story is i guess what youre doing is a pretty decent way to approach the problem, GL have a nice week!

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