👻Ancient Godly Monarch 500!!!!!👻

Whew~ finally 500 chapters. Thank you to the readers for supporting me all this while, we are only about 1/4 done so far ~.~

This chapter is a regular chapter. (6/12)

Bonus Chapters Remaining: 3

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Chapter 491, 498, 499, 500 will be reposted after my editor is done with them.

4 thoughts on “👻Ancient Godly Monarch 500!!!!!👻” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for providing us with such a great story!

    I gotta say I have loved reading this novel, I started reading it back when you had offered that Christmas Donation Bonus in December at the beginning of December thru Jan 1. I couldn’t have been happier that this novel was able to go from 3 regular chapters a week to 14 chapters a week thru Jan/Feb thanks to all the donations and your Christmas present to us readers, finally to today where we continue to get about 14 guaranteed releases a week.

    Everyone who makes AGM possible have absolutely deserve to take some mental health time off and enjoy a vacation if/when you all feel like you would like or need one. I certainly plan to continue reading and supporting AGM until completed.

    Thanks once again for AGM!

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