🐯Invincible Chapter 128🐯

The editor and proofreader claimed Jiang Teng’s height is not ‘tall’
And I had to gently remind them not to judge according to their eye-level.

Enjoy the weekend chapter!

Editor: lecourrielxiii
Proofreader: Wayfinder

Chapter 128

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  1. WOW! “one(deleted) two extra chapter release on the first week of each month”
    for 100 patrons which means approximately 250$ per extra chapter.

    “Adding three extra chapters on the first week of each month! (deleted)
    Increasing weekly release to five + two bonus chapters every month”
    for 500 patrons which means approximately 2500$, if i understand that’s plus 6 chapters per month, so 416,7$ per extra chapter.

    Wowwwwww that’s even more ridiculous than Yellowlaw (WDQK), but at least that dude had translated 600 chapters before putting up those prizes.

    I know i am mean and actually i hope for 2000+patrons( no way it’s gonna happen) but i was expecting the patreon release so the frequency would increase, so disappointment lead me to this comment :/

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