🐤Ancient Godly Monarch 461!🐤

Next chapter will be delayed as I’ll be on a flight to Japan. I’m going to propose to the most important girl in my life, WISH ME LUCKKKK im so fking nervous gg

AGM 461 – Calamity of Great Solar Chen Clan

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  1. Best of luck with the proposal!
    Even though we are all wishing you luck, it is not luck that you need, courage and passion is the key, a little humor and pride is also extremely helpful when it comes to women. Given that it has gotten to this stage along with the fact you wouldn’t be taking this step with doubts in your heart or noticed doubts in her heart, I believe everything is going to work out well.

    I hope you share the results of your mission, I look forward to how everything plays out.

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    …..’ /
    —‘ (_____
    ……… ((__)
    ….. _ ((___)
    ……. -‘((__)

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