🏹 The Divine Elements – Chapter 230 🏹



Hey guys, I’m finally back!

I still have one more exam this wednesday, but it wont be as hectic as last week with those 4 exams. I know a lot of people want me to release multiple chapters to make up for last week, but honestly, I’m too exhausted to grind now 🙁

However, there is a good news. In a few months, I’ll be going full time and increasing the chapters per week! Probably in January or December. I’ve contacted a few agents to start looking for an apartment so I can begin my writing career. Without studies and exams, I’ll be able focus entirely on my writing. For now, I’ll have to focus on my studies.

Book 4 is almost coming to an end (it will end at around chapter 240) and i’ve already sent the chapters to the editor. The previous 3 books have been all professional edited and will be updated on amazon the same day book 4 is released.


Also, if you want to read ahead, you can support us on Patreon and instantly get access to over 12 chapters! Furthermore, if we reach our next goal, I’ll be increasing the chapters to 5 per week and if manage to hit the next milestone as well, I’ll be doing daily chapters in future 🙂

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Chapter 230


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  1. Definitely the worst guy ever, first he complained that he had exams ! now that he doesnt what wil he complain !
    And he still has a face to tell us to support him in Patreon !!
    we shoud report and boycott him

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