🏹 The Divine Elements – Chapter 226 🏹




Sorry for not releasing a chapter last week guys. I went on a camping trip with my friends, and I brought my laptop so I could write and post chapters from there, but my friend accidently spilled some beer on it 🙁 The laptop worked fine for a few minutes after drying, but then several keys stopped working and then the touchpad stopped responding as well. We were there for the weekend and the place was quite far, so I couldnt come back on friday and have it repaired. I came back yesterday and went to the repair center on campus to get the storage on the laptop copied to my external hardisk so I could work on the chapters on my other laptop. Anyways, chapter 226 was already ready to upload last week so Im posting it now. I’ll post chapter 227 in a few hours 🙂

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Chapter 226


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