🏹 The Divine Elements – Chapter 222 🏹



Yesterday’s Announcement: After months of planning and working, the artists I hired finally completed the artwork for the Official TDE Poster. Unlike my previous art commisions, this one was done by a professional team and single-handedly the most expensive art I’ve ever gotten. And this was all possible due to the Patrons!

I will be covering all the costs for production, printing, shipping, etc. and sending them to Deity Tier Patrons FREE of charge! This is a special promotion for that tier, so if anyone upgrades their pledge or becomes a new Deity Tier patron within the following two weeks, you’ll be able to grab one of these posters for free.

Here is the link for any TDE patron to check out how the artwork looks like.


Also, if you want to read ahead, you can support us on Patreon and instantly get access to over 12 chapters! Furthermore, if we reach our next goal, I’ll be increasing the chapters to 5 per week and if manage to hit the next milestone as well, I’ll be doing daily chapters in future 🙂

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Chapter 222


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