🏹 The Divine Elements – Chapter 203 + Patreon 🏹



I just realized that my patron goals are unclear for the public to see as my actual amount is hidden. I had previously made it private due to a lot of people asking me how I got so many patrons, what’s my secret as an original author, etc. I don’t mind answering questions, but it gets tedious when it’s being asked on a daily basis.

However, if it’s private, my readers won’t be able to see the amount the next goal needs to reach that 5 chapters a week, so I’ve made my patreon account public for now. As you can see, we’re more than halfway to that goal 🙂


Also, if you want to read ahead, you can support us on Patreon and instantly get access to over 12 chapters! Furthermore, if we reach our next goal, I’ll be increasing the chapters to 5 per week and if manage to hit the next milestone as well, I’ll be doing daily chapters in future 🙂

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Chapter 203


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