🍺Lord of All Realms Chapter 86🍺

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Chapter 86


Edited By: Deathblade & Zach



1. I bet you guys have already read about the Labor Day Bonanza on volare novels, and we are in it!!

    LOAR is under the Webnovel Archetypes Trivia section. Go check out the questions, the first one is reeeeeealy hard.  🙂

2. The answer to the poll  in yesterday’s release post:

Truth be told, option C was what I said… in my mind. Unfortunately I didn’t say it out loud, although later I regretted not having done so and shared it with Deathblade. I would love to have seen the faces of the people present if I had. LOL. My true answer was option D. Wish I could go back in time and say to their face, “I’m the other father, and that’s my baby!”

3. As usual, double release tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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