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Please head to the link below to give me your opinion about chapter labeling!


Chapter labeling poll

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  1. I can’t vote on patreon without facebook, but I just wanted to say as an outsider looking in to a new series, seeing a higher chapter count is a motivator for me to look into it. Book 10 Chapter 1 just isn’t the same as Chapter 700. For example, it’s easy for me to see how some series are progressing just by the Recent Posts bar because I can see for example ATG Chapter 988 was posted recently. On the other hand, I see UTS Book 11, Chapter 80.2 and I’m wondering what the heck that is… Did he only post 1/5th of a chapter? There are enough series that I’m not going to bother finding out to be honest. I’m much more likely to read a series where the continuity is straightforward.

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