11 thoughts on “【TGR】Chapter 381” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. This is why I won’t support you anymore… You’re not able to keep your schedule. It’s like you’re not even trying! I hope we’re going to get our five chapters this week…

  2. Please look into this RWX. We haven’t gotten any new chapters since last week, and the last new chapter was just the first of their regular chapters that was due.

    1. Good luck with that, he seems to only get involve when $ is a stake or patreons (paying readers of course) start complaining directly based on issues w/other tls on ww that generated a response from him. Sheep that generate ad rev don’t get much of a glance. So I’d say you’d have a better chance of getting a response by either everyone messaging him directly or everyone turn their ad blockers on in protest. I wonder which would get his attention faster.

  3. I’ve said this many times…this is just a sham…they are due on so many chapters…next week this guy will come with an excuse tht he had a wedding to attend to….wtf…several bonus chaps from prev months are still pending they havent even cleared the due for their regular ones….that too from prev months not just this month

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