5 thoughts on “【TGR】Chapter 304, 305 & 306” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Thanks for the hard work…

        Oh man, you can see how we are so not only dedicated but also patient with TDG… it’s just that good of a story. Is there any other explanation why the author is delaying the release of TDG to once a month?

        Many people say that it was because he lost interest but I just saw a 3D animation short clip of TDG in Youtube. It sure ain’t the signs of a declining story… people said that it’s because he wanted to run along with his Manhua but the Manhua is also good and sticks to the story of the Novel.

        Is this really the author’s plan?

        1. That 3D animation sucks so bad. I wish it was like the anime illustrations. I really think it would have had the potential to become big like naruto or one piece, if they made it into an anime.

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