【TGR】Chapter 303

First chapter of the week! We’ll have more tomorrow and the day after! I’m also planning to have the last standing donated chapter that was from ages back. 😛

Chapter 303 – Divine Forging Stone

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  1. Just to be sure: do we use the same calendar? Does the words tomorrow and the day after means something precise or are they just ways of saying it would come one day don’t worry? Please, as I have already written, don’t make anymore promises you don’t know how to keep it… Just release the chapters and shut up! Thanks!

  2. I don’t know why everyone gets so upset when chapters aren’t released it only stated planning which is not a promise and honestly unless you donated more than 5 dollars on patreon i don’t see how you can complain cause your just reading it without doing anything then if you want releases when you want them then learn how to translate yourself there is no need to get upset i find the complainers more annoying than anything cause if you are so mad that you tell the translator to shut up and do it like its a job then you cant blame them for doing just that and if you are not one of the monthly patrons then you have no right to complain if chapters are slower than you like most translators do not make enough on just translating to live some do but not all and the ones that do usually pump out a lot of chapters so no one complains

    1. Sure there’s been no real promises of, but T’s post back on March 2, 2017 doesn’t help those that were anticipating more from that point forward.

      “First regular chapter of the week. Have been busy with deployments with my police job. Now that it’s over, I’m aiming to do at least 5 chapters a week like I did with TDG.”

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