【TGR】Chapter 283

Third chapter or last week! We’ll have a chapter tomorrow to start with this week’s chapters!

Chapter 283 – 13,000 beads

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  1. This novel in Chinese has more than 1200 chapters but here only 283 chapter translated till now , what the hell ? Please release chapters fast, no matter how many ads you put, just translate chapters fast😕, you can search for translators on freelancer.com also if you don’t have any translator at the current moment

    1. Considering things were supposed to pick up after training was complete, then after deployment was over and aiming to do at least 5 a week like TDG, then finding time to do sponsored releases, all promises and commitments aside, I’m just glad there’s the 3 chapters by the weekend.

  2. Senior Thyaeria, new chapter of TDG has been released yesterday. April 15, 2016 please translate it too. Also, don’t you have any news if Madsnail is going to speed up his release on TDG? It’s always a month and a half.

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