【TGR】Chapter 266

First regular chapter of the week. Have been busy with deployments with my police job. Now that it’s over, I’m aiming to do at least 5 chapters a week like I did with TDG.

Chapter 266 – Wheel

Edited by Xex & Dogboy90!

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  1. 5 releases a week?? HAPPY DAYS~~
    Also, please create a Patreon page for yourself. Apart from myself, I can already see more then a few people who would like that.

  2. Hey, you are doing a great job here and with TDG and thanks for it, I and as i can see many other people would love to support you, so if you do create a patreon account we’ll deffinetly support you. so that it’s more worth it for you to keep on translating. Thanks you very much again

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