【TGR】Chapter 207

Hello everyone!

I’m thyearia, translator of the series “Tales of Demons and Gods”
As in the announcement post Ren made a little while back then, due to jn’s busy schedule and no longer able to continue with the translation, I will be taking over The Great Ruler since I don’t have any novels in mind to translate since TDG is catching up to the raws soon.

For now, there won’t be an actual releasing schedule for TGR until TDG has caught up to the raws or at least into chapter 420s. I apologise first hand and I hope you guys would bear with me for now!

I’m still in training which means I only have 48hrs (less than 36 if excluding my sleeping time) every week have some life out of the camp as well as translating. So I won’t be able to translate too much chapters for the moment but things will get better after october!

I’ve also changed the index page for The Great Ruler and also credited the translation of the previous chapters to jn. As for donations, there won’t be a need for donations for now like TDG’s chapters. Which means all chapters will be free! I will come up with a proper schedule for TGR once TDG has caught up to the raws!

Chapter 207 – Nine-layered Pagoda

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  1. Thank you Thyaeria for the update information and this first of many chapters to come from you. Good luck in your training and thank you once again for taking up this wonderful story and translating it for us.

  2. first I would like to thank you for all your hard work with TDG, Thyaeria
    I am also very happy that i will have the chance to read TGR..

    I, however, have a request. When you have caught up to the raws of Tales of Demons and Gods, could you please check the first chapters of TDG or ask the editors to do it. When rereading the story the first chapters are quite hard to read, when used to the current flowing writing. i would also think that new readers would feel the same way-

    sorry for this rude request.

    and anyway i look forward to reading whatever you translate!!

  3. Tip: You used “too much chapters” in the announcement. “Many” should be used instead. “Many” is used for when it’s quantitative or countable. Eg. “There are too many light novels to read.” vs “I ate too much food.” One does not typically say “3 foods”; therefore, “much” is used.
    Thanks for the hard work =)

  4. Thanks thyaeria for continuing this project, take your time for translations and put the project in order, I’m already excited just knowing that more chapters will come ..

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