【TGR】Announcement and the future of TGR

Hey guys, sorry to inform you guys that there won’t be any TGR chapters this week, we’ll have one or two next week.

And from the week after next onward, I’ll be able to focus more on TGR and we’ll have a proper schedule by then! Probably at least 3 chapters a week since TGR’s chapters are technically around 1.5x longer compared to an ordinary TDG chapters.

I thank you for the delay of chapters that I’ve caused you guys and I apologise for all the inconvenience!

13 thoughts on “【TGR】Announcement and the future of TGR” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. No need to apologize, Instead, thanks for picking up the translation! Any translation is better than none! That Mu Chen is a crafty one. I think he’ll be okay for the time being.

  2. Am I the only one who saw the brackets and thought it was TDG?

    That’ll be confusing… can you not use those brackets for TGR?

    Thanks for all the hardwork though and for being kind enough to pick up another series..

    1. Yes, this! I like how every story has its own title scheme and little styles with brackets or symbols, makes it very easy to scan through for the ones I’m following. Having tdg and tgr with the same style is confusing especially when they’re both three letter acronyms starting with T . Please use different symbols for tgr !! Thank you so much though, all the people working on tdg and now sr and tgr, you guys are awesome!!

  3. I thought you were dropping TGR which is why i was so nervous in reading this…. but no matter so long as it will continue i will always look forward for the next chapter!!!!

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