【TDG】Updates and some stuff

Before saying anything, here’s a note from my editor,

I do hope that everyone loves how TDG is going and that they continue to support the translations, and to never be afraid to tell us what they think, so we can do our best to make it better.

So, lets get to the point.

I’ve managed to release 2 chapter/day for nearly three weeks now (just 2 day till the end of the week!)
Sad to say, the time to end have come. My schools are starting soon, and I’ve got a 40 page report to work on before my school start.

Therefore, we will go back to 1 per day starting today(it’s already 1 Jan for me). However, I do aim to have 10 chapters a week, that’s my target for this year 😛

Release schedule will be randomly around the day because I can’t guarantee a fixed time.

Many people have been asking if TDG is completed etc… since I’ve mentioned that I plan to finish TDG by this year.
No, TDG is not completed, however, I do expect it to end somewhere around 600-700 like it’s prequel which means that I only have about 400-500 more chapters to do this year, and I believe that I can accomplish it!

EDIT: The prequel is sort of like a background story I believe. I have not read it but that should be the case.

Anyways, happy new year everyone!
– Your Fatass Panda Translator.

88 thoughts on “【TDG】Updates and some stuff” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Agree. Crazy speed.
      Off corse the reader on me would read all those sweet chapters in one go, however I am very grateful for all the time and hardworking you have being doing.
      Hope you can accomplish your wishes, specially finishing TDG this year 😉
      May we all have a great new year =D

  1. Thanks for the chapters bruh, don’t worry about us you already blessed us with 2 chapter/day for 3 weeks. You can take your time if you need to HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. My only complain – put the turbo in translation . I think theres enough ambrosia to keep up more bigger speed 3:) .
    But in reality – my favorite xanxia ( well at least in top3 ) – because i like JRPG game genre and this reminds me about it.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Happy New Year to everyone out there.

    Great work with the translation for TDG…

    I am still reading the english version from u guys everyday. Tho not enuf of it… i went to the chinese
    version and manage to caught up to the updated chapter of 413. Trust me guys dont bother to use
    those google translator as i ve tried it n it sucks big time.

  4. I am just loving this series and all of the series I start here at Wuxiaiworld. Started with coiling dragon and moved to MGA, then Stellar transformations and this. I plan on reading more series but I wont fail to keep check each and every time you put out a new one TDG! Keep up the amazing work.

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