5 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 462” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. The AUTHOR only releases one chapter a month, so the translator and all of us readers have to wait for our single chapter at a time. Unless Mad Snail decides to pick up the pace, there’s nothing we can do.

      1. The pace was actually really good up until the translator caught up…

        But agree… once a month is painful. Specially with the length of the chapters. This isn’t the translator’s fault however…

        Thanks for the translations!

  1. We cant expect to have more chap every month..mad snail became and otaku and spendin his time playing games..so Its not the translators fault.. Maybe as an author hes enjoying himself to relax his mind and come up with an awesome story when he gets back..just like world renound artist and painters..to actualy spend painting an art for almost years to have a awsome result..and not rushing it

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