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    1. Thyaeria, I think you need to always put a note that the author is not releasing new chapters more than once a month, so you don’t these comments every time there’s a new chapter…

    2. Well, it’s not the translators fault but the author who just stopped focusing on this novel. The translator is keeping up with the raw releases. The only thing you can hope for is that the author will regain his motivation some day in the oh so distant future.

      1. I doubt that will happen. Mad Snail dropped Martial Star God. Plus, He’s like completely forgot Nie Li can get 7 spirits. He hasn’t gotten a new one since the dragon.

        1. Right. But doesn’t he realize that dropping novels half way is very harmful? People will not like to immerse themselves in his works anymore because they will probably be dropped later. He is basically shooting himself in the foot.

          1. Yeah… I’d understand if it was a hobby, but isn’t he getting paid for this? You need to keep up with it even if you dislike it after such a long time. At this point it’s not really even worth following it anymore since the author forgets his own story and creates plot holes everywhere thanks to not writing for a long time. Sorry to say this, but he might as well drop it at this point… No offense to anyone who loves it.

  1. Hey writer, I really love this TGD but the release date is way too long. Hmmm can you make it like twice per day. I’m up if you need someone to help you with “TGD”

  2. thanks for the chapter, really appreciate you guys
    this is what i sniffed so far in the web regarding the Author, madsnail

    Theory 1
    he has a problem with the publisher

    Theory 2
    he lost the creative spark for the series and decided to focus on new series
    so while waiting for it to rekindle(wait what? also dont rush him so he dont give shitty/rush ending something like his rebirth was only the Sage Emperor’s hallucination for him to torture him when he wakes up)

    Theory 3
    he’s waiting for the Manga to catch up so
    3.a so he can rush the ending(or make a really sad one ) without the Mangaka
    dropping it
    3.b so he can beat The legendary LDY’s Legend of Maian as the shittiest ending of a
    good story (im a Legend of Maian fan…. just had to sorry)
    3.c so he can end the series 500 with the Sect Wars as Book 1, and next realm till
    the Sage emperor would be To be continue / Coming soon Book 2 without a
    date so the Mangaka wont drop it (again)

    Option 1
    wait for the chapter (15years ending not promised)
    Option 2
    wait for the anime to catch up (5-10years)
    Option 3
    wait for the manga (3-5years)
    Option 4
    Kill yourself (wait! wait! only if you get the Temporal Demon Spirit Book then give 1-458 chapter to his mother’s father so when he start writing he start at 459
    and when we reach 2017 we will have around 900+ chapters)

    new here, hope didnt break any rules and also hope Author wont check here XD ha hahaha

  3. One more day and tdg disappears from the main page for the next month. This is how there is no true love at first sight. your first always disappoints. 🙂

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