【TDG】Chapter 457

Here’s another chapter… after the long wait…

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Chapter 457- Female Disciple

Edited by Dogboy90!

17 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 457” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you Thyaeria and DogBoy90 for working on this! You bring happiness to people like me 🙂

    TDG was the reason I got roped in in the world of wuxia (xianxia, xuanhuan) but sadly, I am already at my limit. Mad Snail clearly doesn’t care about TDG and its numerous (patiently waiting) fans anymore. One (VERY SHORT) chapter a month? Seriously?! Definitely not worth the wait anymore. There wasn’t much substance on the recent chapters too T_T This novel doesn’t deserve the treatment its creator is currently giving it!
    I’ll probably just give this novel my own version of happy ending so I could move on. Sigh.
    Goodbye Nie Li.

    Goodluck to all fellow fans who are and will still be on this. I hope your patience and endurance will bear sweet fruits.

    1. Actually, he is working on an anime and manga on TDG. The anime is basically a weekly release. Once both the manga and anime catches up he will probably start releasing novel chapters more often.

  2. Have decided not to read the author’s other stuff, if this is how he behaves. Pretty sure will leave the next one midway to start a new series. I think if everyone did this, he would be forced to complete this.

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