【TDG】Chapter 456

TDG is back…with another cliff…

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Chapter 456 – Nurture

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  1. Oh, this thing hadn’t finished yet?
    I gotta ask, is Nie Li any less of a Mary Sue by now? I stopped reading it (at around chapter 200, maybe?) because he had the answer to pretty much EVERYTHING the entire time. Pretty much no proper setbacks. No need to even wonder if he or his friends were in any real danger.
    “Oh no, he got wounded due to the attack of [People I Pissed Off A Week Ago] and is losing his cultivation, luckily I know where [Nearly Mythical Herb] is located and it happens to be on that hill over there, it just looks like normal grass!” or something like that.

    1. It wasn’t that bad initially. But the author got bored and has been rushing like crazy for at least the past 100 chapters and is pretty much that ridiculous, if not more so.

  2. I feel u. This is my first novel I ever read. And I just finish all… now I’m wondering is there any novel/manga that some sort similar to this?? Any recommendations?? I freakingly love this TDG!! Best story!! The way it started and how it goes!! Can’t believe have to wait now haizzz… wish the anime can reach here soon…

    1. After the disappointment of this one I felt the same as you. I tried a few and ill give you some I like that are similar. Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformation. Those 2 novels are both finished and have a similar feel to this one. The ones I have been addicted to are Martial God Asura, and Battle through the Heavens. These 2 can at times feel repetitive in the first few hundred ch’s but they spread out in the later ones to something better. I have also started into Emperor’s Domination which to be honest is just a kid who is like a god, and from the lowest cultivation can crush and kill anyone. I like it though because of the scheming. The fights seem pointless cause well everyone just dies.

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