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  1. I don’t get the point of cliffhangers if you’re going to write one chapter a month. Does the author think that’ll save him after pretty much everyone has been saying how rushed it’s gotten and he should just drop it rather than ruin it? Plus, cliffhangers don’t work when you’ve stopped being invested because you know you’ll just forget what happened by the time the next chapter rolls around.

  2. not meaning to be an ass noob here, but isnt TDG got axed by the author? i remembered someone said that in forum last year. Also, why suddenly the translation continued?

          1. he said an excuse of waiting for the Manhua to catch up to novel … but manhua is so behind it take 2 year more at least xD

          2. Like what Pedram said it’s basically an excuse. For what? I don’t know. But his excuse was for the manhua to catch up to the current point in the LN. But it doesn’t seem like he is trying to catch up. For one, the lack of chapters he released in a week or month keeps decreasing to the point where it’s now half an chapter a week or two. Then there is the issue where he puts out half chapters instead of full chapters and the decrease in pages in each chapters is also decreasing. So it’s hard to see the manhua catching up to the LN even in 10 years. Then he keeps having these breaks saying that there are some family problems but his other works was still being updated reguarly. Thus many fans conclude he is bored with TDG.

  3. Anyone knew of a novel same as TDG? Need to read another title since chapter release of TDG is monthly.

    Thanks in advance to those who will recommend!

    1. If you want a novel with an MC that’s reborn and was the ultimate bad ass and there is no one in this new life that can possibly come close to defeat his vast knowledge and badassery, you can read Emperor’s Domination, which is also here.

    2. Emperor Domination is currently at chapter 2600 and still going. Translation is up to 760 ish. The translator is good with 17 chapters /week.

      But i’m back to square one now!!!

      still TDG/ ED withdrawal…..haha

    1. I try to watched it but each episode only last a few minutes each and we can say that the animation is not that great. It does not mean it ain’t watchable but… man it’s sad to see that lvl of animation in 2017…

    1. Really bro? Why dont u translate it then? are u paying him?
      dont be a jerk…althought we are all eagerly waiting for this new chapter it ain’t fair to treat someone who is doing us a favor like this…

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